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  1. Problem Textbox

    Works like a charm. Thanks for help. Edit: But the code you made is not and insert input textbox. I mean it does take inputs from key, but i need to get string from that textbox. Like login on websites or something like scanf function in c. I'll try use your code it and experiment with it.
  2. Problem Textbox

    I tried to fix that formula, but still it doesn't work. When I compile your code, I get this error: /home/joga/Documents/projektni_zadatak/test/src/test.cpp:35: error: 'Text::Alignment' is not a class or namespace
  3. Problem Textbox

    [quote name='Cadu' timestamp='1321554425' post='4885040'] Thanks for helping, it is working now, I tested my game for an hour. There is a bug in your alignment, it's an easy-to-fix bug. One more thing, can I add a setFont function? [/quote] So, what was the bug that you fixed?