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  1. Your most memorable childhood game?

    Baseball, basketball, monopoly? God I'm old!
  2. Good title?

    Your link is broken. No, that isn't a title. Your link for more info doesn't work.
  3. Dukandia - Plans, Development, and News!

    Love the menu art!
  4. Glacier iPhone Game

    TSS_Jake I thought your game was simple but fun which is the way I like them. A couple thoughts... It could use a next level button because I could not remember what level I had just played. That being said our game doesn't show the level you just played on the level menu either but it shows a score if you finished it. I could not solve level 3. It could use a menu button. I had to re-load the game to skip it. I'm a lot older than your average gamer so just cause I couldn't do it doesn't mean much. Anyway, good start and good luck!