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  1. First Moodboard planted on Eye For Games, be sure to take a look: http://t.co/UizTBAMN #EyeForGames #Moodboard
  2. For members only: WalkingThrough - WipEout. Be sure to sign up, it's free! http://t.co/AfKMBCWI #WalkingThrough #EyeForGames
  3. Hello everybody! Eye For Games is finally online and with this small beginning, big plans are already on its way. The focus is on the articles/items, which is inspiring, motivating and creative. Most of these items will have a different perspective, leaving you with the questions and your point of view. Give it a visit and check out how EFG is evolving and expanding this platform. [b][url="http://www.eyeforgames.com"]Eye For Games [/url][/b] Check out the NewsMag 1.1 to see which articles will be published in January on [url="http://issuu.com/efgmagazine/docs/efg_newsmag1.1"]http://issuu.com/efg.../efg_newsmag1.1[/url] Also this month: - Interview with the voice of John Marston from Red Dead Redemption; Get to know about his passion! - Studio profile; PreviewLabs explaining about the service 'Rapid Game Prototyping' - Which video game would you like to bring back to life - read what some professionals answered. Become a member and you'll get the chance to be the frontpage 'Member's Eye'. Help EFG built this community - an inspiration source - the bridge between students, professionals, developers and you. Have a great day and all the best, EFG
  4. There's even beauty in the concept art of Bioshock 2, check it out at EFG: http://t.co/YBlqyZMn
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