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  1. Hello, I am a senior in high school attempting to get some insight into the working environment of the Game Developer. I have a few questions in particular that would be of much use to me. If you are able to answer at least eight of the following, I would be greatly appreciative: 1. Describe a typical day on the job. 2. Why did you choose this job? 3. What type of people are suitable for this job? 4. How long did you go to school to do this? What education is required? 5. Are you satisfied with your salary? 6. Is there anything in particular that you do not enjoy about your job? 7. What are some of the benefits of your job? 8. What kind of hours do you normally work? 9. Is your job stressful? If so, how do you react to this stress? 10. What is the MOST stressful about your job? 11. What advice would you give to those hoping to what you do? Thank you for your time.