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  1. Unity Help with unity

    Your OnTriggerEnter2D() is called for both pieces at the same time when they collide. The spawner then spawns two pieces at the same time which instantly collide again and the cycle keeps repeating.
  2. Fixing your own problems

    Happens to me, too   Good old
  3. Music While Developing

    Japanese Nightcore. I don't understand japanese, so it doesn't distract me. It helps me to shut myself off from my environment. Yes I am weird.
  4. How exactly are video games made?

    You need a graphics library. Something that let you "communicate" with your graphic device. You should look at openGL or direct3d.
  5. How to become the "idea guy"

    You should check out Tom Sloper's website(especially Lesson3):   So yeah, you should try to get into the industry as programmer, artist, tester, etc before.
  6.   I guess the second value should be halfHeight and not Width ;)
  7. Draw Order Issue

    Have you enabled the DepthBuffer?
  8. I'm not a DirectX-expert and I can't read your comments or run your project(missing D3D11x.h because of Windows 8) but this line looks kinda wrong to me: void LightShader::RenderText(std::wstring text) { ... d3d11_DeviceContext->IASetIndexBuffer(d2dVertBuffer, DXGI_FORMAT_R32_UINT, 0); .. }    Are you sure that you wanna pass your VertexBuffer to the Indexbuffer?
  9. I found this video game generator today: Just uncheck the Sanity checkbox and you will get dozens of awesome and really funny ideas.