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  1. Hello, I am introducing Black Dragon Studios, LLC and our first gaming project [url="http://black-dragon-studios.com/index.php/galactic-patrol-pirates/6-galactic-patrol-pirates"]Galactic Patrol Pirates[/url]! While it is currently being developed for PC play, our ultimate goal is for it's release as a mobile/tablet game. The game puts a single player into the role of a pirate during a galactic civil war. The player survives and improves over time by completing a variety missions. A map of stars is generated randomly at the beginning of each new game with a solar system being generated for each star. The player starts out at the pirate base and as the player successfully completes missions he is awarded with cash which is used to replenish supplies, upgrade his space ship with new internal systems, or even purchase a new ship with a different hull design. Ships can be reconfigured to appropriately match the type of mission that is to be completed. The player is competing against other pirates which are controlled by the computer. The game is won or lost at the conclusion of a specified number of missions set by the player and is based on a total score accumulated during the game. We are hoping to start beta-testing in the next 60 days, and hope that between now and then we do some networking, get ourselves out there and get some interest (and feedback) about the game!