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  1. We're headed to #GDC to show our Unity Plug-Ins. Meet us in the German Pavilion Booth 1614 for a demo Email gdcmeetings@xaitment.com
  2. [b]xaitment Launches Smart AI for Unity [/b] xaitment, the creators of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software for video game and simulation developers, today announced that it has launched two affordable plug-ins for the Unity engine: [b]xaitMap for Unity[/b] and [b]xaitControl for Unity[/b]. The plug-ins, which are now available through xaitment’s web store, bring the full spectrum of xaitment’s AI functionality to the interface and development environment of the Unity engine, including NavMesh generation, pathfinding, collision avoidance, character movement, and graphical character behavioral modeling. While the plug-ins are priced at $499 each and include a 45-day free trial, xaitment is kicking off the launch with a [b]limited-time, 2-for-1 offer[/b]: purchase xaitMap for Unity and receive xaitControl for free. “There are a growing number of game studios, simulation developers and educational institutions that are working with the Unity engine,” said Mike Walsh, CEO of xaitment. “Until now, we‘ve only been able to address their needs with the full versions of our software. With the plug-ins, we now have two great products that give Unity engine users all of our AI tools, at a fraction of the cost.” [b]xaitMap for Unity[/b] brings the same flexible, intuitive AI functionality used by studios around the world to the menu structure and interface of Unity and Unity Pro. With xaitMap for Unity, users can: - Quickly create NavMeshes on any object in a scene - Dynamically set up and modify collision avoidance parameters on any component in a scene - Easily modify a character’s movement by assigning a MoveComponent to a game character - Easily start working with pathfinding using xaitment’s Starter Pack of Movement Behaviors - Create predefined paths by dragging and dropping waypoints on a NavMesh. [b]xaitControl for Unity[/b] comes with runtime libraries and a graphical Finite State Machine (FSM) editor that work perfectly with Unity’s scene editor and Mono Develop environments, and enable developers to quickly model advanced game logic and character behaviors. Core functionality includes: - Graphical Bot Behavior Modeling, which enables developers to quickly add states and transitions, even in a hierarchy, or create conditional, event-based and time-based transitions - A Real-Time Debugger, which gives developers full control over the instances of the Finite State Machine, such as setting breakpoints for states, transitions, conditions and commands - All xaitControl FSMs are handled like C# scripts, allowing developers to work the way they’re familiar within Unity - The plug-in will automatically make available all the FSMs, events, functions (including signature, etc.) within Unity for further development. “The key to our new approach was figuring out how to present all of the features we’ve included in an intuitive way for Unity users,” said Thorsten Maier, CTO of xaitment. “We’ve worked hard to ensure that they adapt to the Unity workflow and development environment in order to make them even easier to access and use.” xaitMap / xaitControl for Unity are available immediately for download on xaitment’s web store. Both plug-ins come with community support, full documentation and a number of video tutorials. Premium support is also available upon request. For more information, contact xaitment via its website or email.
  3. This #video gives an overview of how to easily generate a navigation mesh out of any 3D geometry. http://t.co/UDRvc4NS
  4. #POLL Which trends in #AI will be most successful in #2012? What about the trends in 2011 that have proven to be less promising? #GameAI
  5. How do you get the most out of your workday? Which apps and tools do you use to maintain maximum efficiency?
  6. Yesterday we made a huge #AI announcement. Click here to learn more: http://t.co/8GHclIp5
  7. Our #AI #SourceCode Available for No Extra Charge! Big #news! http://t.co/8GHclIp5
  8. Have you heard our news? Our #SourceCode Available for No Extra Charge!
  9. [color=#444444][b] Quiershied, Germany - Jan 11, 2012 - xaitment, the creators of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software for video game and simulation developers, today announced that it has made its source code available to all current and future US and European customers who license full versions of its AI software modules, xaitMap and xaitControl. The downloadable source code is available at no extra charge for all platforms supported by xaitment: Windows[sup]®[/sup], Linux[sup]®[/sup], Xbox360[sup]®[/sup], and PLAYSTATION[sup]®[/sup]3.[/b][/color][color=#444444] xaitMap and xaitControl provide developers with well-maintained, well-supported libraries and graphical tools for NavMesh generation, pathfinding, movement, character behavioral modeling and game logic. The availability of xaitment source code gives developers the added ability to more easily debug, optimize and customize the code , which ultimately saves time in the development of unique AI features for their game or simulation. "As the number and variety of projects we support grows, so too do the number of requests we see for features that are specific to game genres or platforms,” said Thorsten Maier, CTO of xaitment. “Offering source code with our AI software modules frees developers to customize our code in order to meet the specific needs of their unique projects.” xaitment’s AI source code is available free-of-charge for a limited time. For more information, please [url="http://www.xaitment.com/english/products/xaitment-ai.html"]contact[/url] us.[/color]
  10. GDC AI Summit: Managing the Masses Crafting AI for Online Games - It will be interesting to hear what @Zynga has to say.http://ow.ly/8pUf8