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  1. You also can start from investigating other open-source physics game engines, like Box2D. There are very good box2d tutorials to view physics in practice. Moreover, you can look into this [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/475753-list-of-physics-engines-and-reference-material-updated-7-march-2011/"]topic[/url] to understand theoretical background
  2. Moving from Visual Basic.net?

    Speaking about the 3rd question, If you want to keep on developing PC games, you may choose one of high-level languages, like C# or Java. But if you going to switch to mobile or consoles, I will recommend you to choose C++, it is a little bit harder, than C#, but it is more professional
  3. Creating my second game AI

    Also Battleship is nice thing to try after the simple problems, like tic tac toe etc. The main (and the most interesting) problem is to create a separate levels of AI (like easy, medium, hard), of course without computer's cheating:)
  4. What SDK for multi-platform app?

    I recommend you the [url="http://madewithmarmalade.com"]Marmalade[/url] (C++). It has 90-day trial period, which allows you understand all features. I think that it is one of the best SDK for game development.