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  1. stratusfer

    Mobile dev - C++ only or switch to Java / Swift

    Cheers guys! Yep, I'd like to do some games. A C++ only option could be Qt, but I'm not sure how good it is for videogames. Another alternative I've in mind is still using C++ for the core part and using Flutter for UI. Not sure about how easy is mix C++ and Dart, but it can be an option. What do you guys think?
  2. stratusfer

    Mobile dev - C++ only or switch to Java / Swift

    Thank you very much for your advice. Interesting, which one would you suggest? I've heard also about Kotlin multiplatform, but I don't think it's stable yet
  3. Hi everybody, I'd like to give myself another chance, and try again to go for mobile app development. I have years of experience in C++, so I'd like to leverage it in some way. I would like to target Android first, and maybe iOS later on. My question is: should a go all-in with C++ only (including UI), write everything in Java (Swift) or maybe just the UI in the native language and the rest in C++. Any kind of suggestion is much appreciated, also on how to start / approach this world Cheers [Edit] I've heard also about xamarin and other options. How about them for UI and C++ for the rest?
  4. stratusfer

    Engine for 2D turn based games

    it seems really interesting, thank you, I'll look better into it
  5. stratusfer

    Engine for 2D turn based games

    Just C++ or I was considering for some reason D
  6. Hi all, I planned to create a 2D turn based strategy game using modern C++. The idea was to use SDL and make it available for at least Linux, Windows and Android and create everything from scratch, but the time is what it is, and unfortunately it will be probably hard to do that.As alternative I was thinking to use some already existent engine that would allow me to save some time. Any suggestion is much appreciated!
  7. thanks for your reply. I saw that project on google. 78 contributors, I guess I have to try it by myself as usual ;)
  8. Hi guys,   I've found this library: http://libagar.org/ that seems very promising. I'm looking for some C++ widget library that would work also on Android / IOS as I don't have to re-invent the wheel. I haven't see listed Android/IOS among the supported platforms so I was wondering if any of you knows more about it.   Any other libraries that can work like that?   Cheers!
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