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  1. Which style do you think would be better? (Samples included)

    1. Run at a slowed pace 2. Combo of Mario and Ghost'n'goblins (A Little XD) with some acrobatics/aerobatics. 3. Preferably not across flatground but down stairs, depending on how fast they entities are traveling they might hit stairs on the way down (a bump, I guess) This is what the third sample looks like so far, not all textures are made yet - while a few are place holders. [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15538749/Programming/MyGame/Info/Texture%20Previews/Combo.png[/img] So i'm technicly following the third alternative at the moment. Edit: Tiny change.
  2. Which style do you think would be better? (Samples included)

    That's pretty much what I've decided to do. I'm making them work together, better.
  3. Which style do you think would be better? (Samples included)

    Well I've decided to take do a differnt style instead of these two for numerous reasons, but thank you anyway.
  4. Which style do you think would be better? (Samples included)

    Oh, sorry, I should elaborate. The left one would most likely result in a very mario like game. You know run from left to right collecting points, dodging/killing enemys before the timer is up and a few puzzles. While the right one would most likely result in a game that's more like metroid but has alot more puzzles to solve. It'd probbly involve more fluid movements (Wall runs and alike) Edit: So no it's not only cosmetic it's also helps link gameplay mechanics in. Edit2: Rewording. Edit3: Now that I think of it a little like colbolt, with the one on the right. and another Edit: On the cosmetic side the one on the left requires many "transition" textures and uses alot of colours while the one on the right won't require as many transisions and so far each texture only uses 5-6 colours in it.
  5. I assume that I'm postting in the correct section, please correct me if I'm not. So, Hello! I'm currently in the Pre-Production/Concept Phase for my game and I need a wider opinoin for than facebook for the art direction of this game. Here are the two styles I can't choose between: [center][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15538749/Programming/MyGame/Info/Texture%20Previews/OpenLandscape.png[/img][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15538749/Programming/MyGame/Info/Texture%20Previews/MetalTunnels.png[/img][/center] The picture on the left was made by Effects and some purposly placed pixels and the setting of the game would be outdoors. The picture on the right was made as an attempt at pixel art and the setting of the game would be some kind of metal ruins. I think you might need/want some more information about the game before you give me feedback:[list] [*]The collisions are Pixel Perfect. [*]Hopefully there will be some fuild physics. [*]Some terrain can be destroyed. [*]The textures are 32x32 pixels. [*]It's planed to have things that move and a multitude of AI. [/list] So would you be able to tell me which style I should go with? I really need to sort this out before I can continue.
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