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  1. Where to go to get started

    Thanks for the advice Tom and Nate. I guess I need to organize a portfolio - I have several works already done in varying styles (I am probably going to work on showing the breadth of work rather than to one or two styles). For a music portfolio, should I show 30 seconds of varying pieces of music or should I go for 4-5 pieces of music? The Sloperama articles look very useful - I am going to have to take my time going through those. Thanks again!
  2. Where to go to get started

    Hi! I am new here and I am looking for ideas on where to find work as a music composer in the gaming world. First, a little background: I have a solid background in music theory, I compose write, record, and master in a home "studio" environment. I am not necessarily looking for advice on my writing (but if you do, feel free). My current website is: I have been working on several of my own musical projects (albums etc.) but I have always wanted to give writing music for games a shot. I have an account on and landed a gig there but composer jobs just don't come up that often on there - at least that I have seen so far. Are there certain websites/boards that would have this information? Thanks in advance! Sean