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  1. function TouchingGrass(event:ENTER_FRAME):void Edit: Code works now (I put a . instead of a , but when I try putting in event:EnterFrame, it stays black. Can anyone help?
  2. Need MAJOR help please!

    [quote name='frob' timestamp='1326766268' post='4903458'] What part are you having problems with? Generating it? Turning it to a string? Exporting it? [/quote] Thanks for the fast reply. Sorrry for not being clear. I need to get it in my text box. It is a dynamic text box (meaning it can change). I can't get it into the box to show it. Logic is that the numbers can not be over 100 (as the app is designed for Grade 3's). I will look at the links and let you know if I need help!! Thanks; Zach
  3. I am a 2nd year programmer in a computer tech class in school. I need help in a couple of areas, and any help is appreciated! mcGrass1.addEventListener( How would I make it so that when one of my objects touch another, it moves to another frame? Need help finishing the above code. if (mcMonster.hitTestObject(mcLine14)){ mcMonster.y -=20 } Pretty much the same thing as above, but that it bounces off the "Line". The code above does not work. function numberOne(low:Number=1, high:Number=99):Number { return Math.floor(Math.random() * (1+high-low)) + low; } Here, I am trying to generate a random number. But, I cant get it into a string so I can export it to a text box on another frame. Any ideas? And lastly: if numberOne + numberTwo == 100 >={ numberOne = 34 && numberTwo = 13 I am checking my two random numbers so as they dont equal over 100. It dosen't work. Any ideas?
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