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  1. Kika Ogbechie

    I am planning to be a producer.

    another point. Its going to be a freeware game.
  2. Kika Ogbechie

    I am planning to be a producer.

    I have solid ideas of how the upkeep of the game will work. Ie a microtranstion system. I also would like to create a website dedicated to the game. In other words I have a loooooot of work to do. ;p I am going to build a gdd (game development document) that is gonna be at least 15 pages long, so the programmer can understand what the game is about and how it functions. I am just making one game, yes. That is all. Then I would release the game into closed beta testing. Grabbing a hand full of lucky players that will test the game out, give feed back, construct surveys etc. Its probably just the producer hiring that I need to worry about. :/
  3. Hi. I am very new to this site and I am especially new to game programming and the like. I, however, have been self-studying a lot of source code and tried to understand C++ with numerous free tutorials and lessons online. I have this amazing game idea to launch as an mmo card game. The programming skill required to create such a game is not massive. (ie like WoW or LoL). Its supposed to be 2D, with some 2.5D flipping animations. (Think Yugioh). Anyways, the real question. I have decided to become the producer of the project I am wishing to create. I do have the money to hire developers/programmers and the launching of websites. So what are the first steps. I was thinking that I should advertise myself. Do I need a lot of programmers to manage the development of an mmo? Or is one enough? Do I need a game programmer AND designer? I have contacts for artists btw. Anyone have any advice for producing mmo games?
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