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  1. thank you for your reply. i am using windows 7 Ultimate. i have already installed Adobe Flash 3.0, all components required are ready. i have few knowledge about this thing like tweening.. changing images to movie clips, buttons or graphics.. i know how to publish it and run it. but when it comes to source code writing my leanings are not enough, i know some basic codes because i am quite familiar in C++ Syntax. Sir, if you could send me links that will give instant source code to tictactoe playing multiple users, would be very useful because i know how read codes, but i do not know how and when to use it during coding.. i chose tictactoe because i used to play this and i know the rules of the game, it would be very useful for me to interpret and understand the codes... thank you for giving your time answering my post.. Godspeed!
  2. please help me.. i am new in game development field, i wanna be an elite game programmer.. i have to start to simple game.. anyone can post sample code for this? thank you!