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  1. Any good resources on creating isometric tilesets?

  2. Is it worth learning WPF now?

    Well, sorry for replying too late, I was very busy, but anyways thanks for all the people who responded to this thread, I appreciate your replies. Now after some thought I think I will give WPF a try and buy a few books to get me started. Thanks again!
  3. Is it worth learning WPF now?

    Hi, I've been working on my own for the past 3 years programming in C# with winforms. Lately I have been looking into WPF and have been amazed of what it can do. I've been tented to switch from winforms to WPF but the thing is that Microsoft has embraced HTML5 and javascript to develop Metro applications for their upcoming Windows 8 and I'm afraid they will let technologies like WPF to become legacy products and not receive any significant updates, just like they did with MFC and winforms. So with that said, should I forget about WPF or is still worth learning it? Thanks in advance.
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