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  1. I'm trying to implement LSCM algorithm. And i really stuck understanding it when reached "charts growth" section. I've found this comment within Galaxy 3/4 engine sources: [CODE]The original LSCM algorithm for growing charts : ----------------------- EdgeHeap : heap of directed edges (with associated face F(edge)) sorted by dist(F(edge)) (dist is distance to feature) mark all edges as "chart boundaries" track is_boundary(edge) track chart(face) , tells you which chart a face is in EdgeHeap contains all edge to consider growing a chart from start with EdgeHeap clear Seed charts : { chart[i] = seed face push edges of seed face to EdgeHeap } // each connected area must have at least one seed // each connected area that is not a disk must have at least *two* seeds // grow charts : while EdgeHeap not empty : { edge = EdgeHeap.pop // assert is_boundary(edge) face = F(edge) // is the face to consider adding prev = F(edge flipped) // is the face growing off of // assert chart(prev) != none if ( chart(face) = none ) { add face to chart(prev) set is_boundary(edge) = false consider edges of "face" and "prev" ; any edge which is not connected to two other is_boundary() edges, mark as not being is_boundary() either push edges of face to EdgeHeap (if they are is_boundary() true) } else if ( chart(face) != chart(prev) ) { // consider merging the charts } }[/CODE] It's totally dark for me. In the original algorithm, author uses "facet" terminus and "distance from half-edge to facet" but again, i can not imagine what is that "facet" and how can i find the distance from my half-edge to it. Could anyone help me understanding that stuff? I just need to un-chart my entire mesh and then perform some algebra. I understood that algebra mostly, but i stuck a bit earlier i hoped [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png[/img] PS: i've got some [url="https://github.com/shybovycha/irrPaint3D"]sources on Github[/url] detecting and growing features.