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  1. I am a beginner programmer, age 13, looking into eventually making games. I know I won't make the next Halo or anything like that, but for now, I just want to continue learning the basics. In other words, I'm just looking for a direction. I have a few questions to ask... [b]1) Can someone give me a link or two about switching from console programs to 2D programs/games (or elaborate yourselves)?[/b] [b]2) As a programmer, how did you get into game developpement?[/b] [b]3) Is it best to learn C++ by making games? In other words, is it better to learn C++ as I go along, or should I learn everything first, then try making a game.[/b] That is all for now. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks P.S. Currently, I am learning/reading about classes, if that helps. P.S.S The books I use are [url=""]this[/url] and [url=""]this[/url].