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  1. Freefall Engine - Rob Sykes - xx
  2. Well that is university guranteed for me, now time to enjoy four years of brainpicking the professionals.
  3. SlickEdit is a worth while piece of kit, could never stand VS and Command Line was getting on my nerves pretty quickly.
  4. I've begun to real appreciate the subtle difference of const references. Safe and Efficient.
  5. I decided I like Business more than I assumed.. never got so excited over a cashflow forecast and how to blow 10k in 1 year :D
  6. Excited about the prospect of getting the business fully developed. Shame for lack of support from peers, they think i'm being stupid.
  7. Would seem where about to get a membership with GR. Intriguing.
  8. Mr Clean - Cleaning & Property Services http://t.co/MGplSSRo via @MrCleanLTD
  9. Seems, that DirectX SDk June 2010 has support of Xinput for Xbox controllers.. and I didn't notice this before, why? I question myself.
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