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  1. Hello I am working on a text-based rpg, using C++ and I have some trouble with std::vectors. I've created a vector in my namespace called "Initialize" , in its header. In "Initialize.cpp" I add objects of the type "Items" to the vector using push_back. I want to know how I can access the objects in my vector I've created in my namespace "Initialize" from my Item-class.   Example: GetItemName(Diablo::Initialize::existingItems[1]) //GetItemName returns the name of the object it receives. // This doesn't work since I have to include "Initialize.h" // which gives linker-errors. The problem is that if I include "Initialize.h" to be able to access the vector defined in "Initialize.h", i'll get linker-errors since the the vector will be defined both in my "Initialize.h" and in my "Items.cpp".   How can I declare my vector so that I can easily access from other classes etc.?
  2. SDL vs SFML

    Guys, you have all been really helpful, thanks alot! Will start using sfml tonight :)  
  3. SDL vs SFML

    Thx all! Decided to look into sfml. Seems like it's not compatible with VS2012? Do you use VS2010 or is there an easy way to make with work with VS2012? Or is it just better to use VS2010 when working with sfml?  
  4. SDL vs SFML

    Hi all! I've been studying C++ for a while now and I want to start with 2d-programming and then work my way towards 3d-programming (heard opengl is a good way to start). I have some background in C# and XNA where I have programmed couple of small games such as Asteroids, Pac-man and a 2d-platformer. I've heard alot about SDL and SFML but can't really decide which one to choose. The main goal is to learn more C++ through game-programming. Any recommendations from you guys? Would appreciate if you could share your own personal experience and perhaps some good tutorials etc. Sorry for my english btw, it's not my native language :)
  5. Can't type "}" in Visual C++ 2010

    Decided to work with Code Blocks till I find a fix for this. Only thing I find when I google this matter is my own topic [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/sad.png[/img]
  6. Can't type "}" in Visual C++ 2010

    [quote name='Endurion' timestamp='1341164318' post='4954582'] Did you maybe assign a keyboard command to the key by accident? [/quote] I just checked there. I have reset the layout even tried assigning it to another command (like ctrl + shit + 0). It seems like I can input all other symbols besides "}". I'm really frustrated. Was planning to write codes couple of hours tonight...
  7. Can't type "}" in Visual C++ 2010

    Tried a different keyboard and the layout is swedish (SV). This is so odd... all other inputs works in visual c++ besides }
  8. Can't type "}" in Visual C++ 2010

    reinstallating visual c++ didn't help. No one knows a solution? :/
  9. Can't type "}" in Visual C++ 2010

    Nothing happens when I try to type the character in. I can paste it in but I can't keep doing that when coding..reconsidering reinstalling visual c++ atm..
  10. Basically what the title says. I can't typ the "}" curly bracket. The "{" works fine, nothing wrong the the keyboard button either since I can typ it here obviously Tried googling it with no result. Using swedish keyboard btw but that shouldn't matter.
  11. Looking for a friend / tutor.

    Hello Ethan! I'm pretty much in the same situation as you are, tho i'm 20 years old. I'll be taking couple of OOP, C#/C++ programming courses till next autumn when i'll try getting into a game development school. I cannot teach you but we can perhaps develop our programming skills together? Easier to start doing something with somone else than on your own.
  12. [quote name='Matt-D' timestamp='1340814248' post='4953369'] As for C++, take a look at these recommendations, pretty well-researched: [url="http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/how-to-learn-cpp.html#faq-28.4"]http://www.parashift...p.html#faq-28.4[/url] [url="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/388242/the-definitive-c-book-guide-and-list"]http://stackoverflow...-guide-and-list[/url] [/quote] Thx, will look up the books. Have a new question tho. Is it essential to read several different c++ books when you finished reading one? Or are there books which covers everything?
  13. Hello! I recently started programming and have got a bit familiar with C++. I am also new to this community but i'm here to stay I was wondering if the programmers out there could recommend me decent litterature about programming (C++, engines/libraries, AI etc.). I have decided to spend about 14 months teaching myself programming/game development before attending a game developing school. And if you have time I wouldn't mind a guideline (like which books I should pick up after learning my computer language).