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  1. [quote name='NaturalNines' timestamp='1347392810' post='4979024'] [quote name='Cirqo' timestamp='1347314143' post='4978713'] the guy above your post pointed out the complete obvious but at least he attempted to help. [/quote] So completely obvious that you didn't do it, and still haven't done it? What an obnoxious ingrate to insult the people attempting to assist you, whether you find it to be quality assistance or not. Are you also insulting your players? Because if so that's probably your problem. [/quote] I actually have done it, so you're wrong there. I don't have any players so how could I possibly be insulting them? And I wasn't really trying to insult him, but reading it over, you're right. I definitely should have worded that better.
  2. [quote name='Orymus3' timestamp='1347322503' post='4978740'] Hand over your money, I can make something good out of it, but don't expect me to hand you the control over what my team develops. [/quote] This quote sums it up just about perfectly. You seem to just want to pay people to make you a game so you can rake in the profits (assuming there would be profits). I don't know how others feel, but that pretty much defeats the entire point of indie game development. I'd recommend investing in Google or Apple if you're looking for profits.
  3. [quote name='Tom Sloper' timestamp='1347315187' post='4978717'] Oddly enough, I came here about 10 minutes ago to write more along with the link. I saw that someone had upvoted it, though, and decided not to add anything (thinking it might be you, Cirqo). What I would have added was: "If nobody posts any tips for you, you could probably find some useful information about how to market a game by using this link." I wondered if you had tried Googling how to market games before you posted your question (you didn't say you had). I still think there's likely to be information out there. If you don't want to Google it, try reading articles on Gamasutra, read postmortems, read blogs of indie gamers who've released products. [/quote] Thank you for this reply, I will check out the articles on Gamasutra, now I will up vote you.
  4. [quote name='Tom Sloper' timestamp='1347290105' post='4978597'] [url="http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+market+a+game"]http://lmgtfy.com/?q...o market a game[/url] [/quote] That is a terrible response, and from a moderator? Isn't this a forum to learn? Ask questions? You could post that same reply to probably 80% of the threads on this website. Instead of try to be smart and act as if I'm stupid or something, you could attempt to give a real answer, or just don't post at all? Because you clearly don't know how to market a game. If you do, why don't you go ahead and tell me, because that is what my question was. Pretty pathetic to see a reply like that from a mod. I mean, the guy above your post pointed out the complete obvious but at least he attempted to help. Down vote for you and an up vote for him. Edit: And if you weren't aware. Google is not a human. People post on forums to get replies from other humans, to have a small discussion, get idea's, etc. Google won't have a discussion with me about how to gain awareness, so posting a reply like that is literally going against the goal of forums.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm creating my first indie game and it's going really well, I've got art, an engine, design doc, etc. But I have literally no following. Now I know that it will slowly grow over time, but I was wondering if anyone had tips on getting people to notice you/your game? Note: I'm not talking about thousands of people, I'm just asking for tips to get the ball rolling, to start growing.
  6. Hi there, I was wondering what kind of jobs are out for people that specialize in Lua/Python/Perl/etc? I love programming, but I'm pretty terrible at engine programming and I find languages like C++ overwhelm me (except for Java, for some strange reason). I have no idea what jobs I should be looking for, any help? I really have no idea what scripters (for lack of a better word) do in a development team/company.
  7. Thanks for the posts, I'll probably go pickup GraphicsGale, it looks quite good!
  8. Hi there, I'm currently working on a small project (just a hobby) and I need a program to help me with pixel art and possibly animation too. Does anyone know of any good programs to use for this? Thanks in advance.