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  1. About the game: "Uplow is a Android Mobile game where players control a ball through a series of levels, ranging from tropical islands, frozen wastelands, and cities in the sky! This is a fun, easy to learn but challenging game that anyone can pick up and use. We are at the tail end of development of this project and are about to enter the beta-testing stage. We are also aiming to increase the amount of levels and perks for a release on Steam gaming network as an indie game! We want to market the game through many different channels. Mobile game communities, ad services hosted by major companies, and more." [b][u]We need at least 5000 dollars to expand the project[/u][/b]...adding some new levels..and making the whole a more fun stuff ( we can relase the game on steam too etc)! I[i][b]f you want to help us, please pledge some money too, and gain some fun bonus contents! [/b][/i] [i][b]deadline (july 1) [size=4]THANK YOU ALL!![/size][/b][/i] You can learn more about the game if you follow the link: [url=""]http://www.kickstart...cently_launched[/url] [img][/img]
  2. Ready for writing some music for Your game project ^^