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  1. I am trying to load the images off the sheet.  Your example doesn't work for me, because I do not have the meta data.  (The x,y, height and width, in your example. )    I am trying to find the best way to get the meta data.  There's lots of sprites I'd like to play with, and I don't want to make my project about organizing other people sheets.  I am trying to find a tool for that, or a better way. 
  2. Hello -   I have found many places that have sprite sheets for game characters.  So I downloaded some, and I realize I have no clue how to get the sprites off the sheet.  I found a tutorial, but they cheated.  They had a meta file with locations of where all the images where, sizes, and which frame went with what.  I simply do not have that, nor I have seen anything like that when I downloaded the sheets.   Since I do not have the meta-spritesheet data, what types of tools exists for this?   -A
  3. People don't play well at all in general, and don't always have good manner. Rules in a game aren't going to change that. I wouldn't call that trolling.
  4. [quote name='Bigdeadbug' timestamp='1328403269' post='4909700'] Removing chat, especially from a game like LoL, would not solve the issue. Trolling over chats are simply a symptom of underlying problems not the cause for them and in team based gameplay they are a fundamental part of communicating with other players. There are also many other ways to troll a player from within the game, most of which are on the whole a lot worse than a few angry words in a chat. Global chats often server a social, trade or group forming purpose. Removing them may remove a large amount of the "spam trolls" (e.g. the [Dirge] spammers in WoW) but the truly serious trolling will still be done in private chats. The idea of focusing on LAN or invite only games would be the solution for a fair few multiplayer games, but it seems the PUG options in multiplayer games are way to popular at the moment for developers to not include them. [/quote] I have to ask, what do trolls do now? Global chat is the only place I see them. I occasionally, run into immature people, but I wouldn't call them trolls.
  5. In Dungeon Seige II, you gain skills in whatever you use. However, the way the mechanics work, if you character dables in everything you become too weak to progress. I guess the issues all come down to balance.
  6. Getting rid of the global channels would get rid of these trolls. Of course, effort would have to be put into making better tools and mechanics. The only reason, I ever really needed the global chat channels, was when I was a new to the game. WoW made people want to pick flowers; You should be able to make helping new or people in general help desirable.
  7. Are there actual names to these systems? I'm trying to find out more by finding their names.
  8. I am not for sure if Game Design Systems is what they call it. However, a while back I was reading a dev post and they was talking about the game they designed. He mentioned that they chose the number inflation system. They made it sound like there are types of systems. I oringally thought everyone was copying off the pen and paper grames. So is there a list of different systems? And what is the appropriate name for this subject? -Thanks
  9. Are there any other systems to use besides the number inflation system?
  10. Hello all, I have some game design question. I want to know if there's a point or is it just lazy game design. My first one is: What's with the inflation of numbers? Simple because I level up and do "more" damage. Yes you are doing more damage, the increase in the enemies helath can out weight the increase in damage. Or is the to deal with the pychology. -Thanks
  11. [quote name='Ashaman73' timestamp='1327476780' post='4906033'] [quote name='Arukas' timestamp='1327461158' post='4905986'] They sell 2d and 3d game engines on the net. [/quote] [url="http://www.gamedev.net/files"]Gamedev marketplace[/url] [url="http://www.dexsoft-games.com/"]dexsoft[/url] [url="http://www.turbosquid.com"]turbosquid[/url] [url="http://www.3drt.com/"]3drt[/url] Have fun [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] [/quote] Thanks! That'll keep me occupied for a bit!
  12. You have me confused, what is this forum for? The description for this forum says if you are new to game development plan on time spending some time here before visiting other forums. Overalll, I consider myself a beginer. I read the description to the visual and audio forums, and its about creating, and I'm not looking to create. Or is the main purpose of the forum to tell people where to look because people don't read the descriptions of the forums? Or is this just an realtivitly inactive forum.
  13. Well here is my two cents: -The freelance really has no place then. -Since the skills are a driving force, you'll need esstenail restrict them esstential to one type of crafting. Giving a single character too many skills will cause problems. You are going to want them to work with other crafters. -Simpliest way, one skill and have that skill include everything they need.
  14. Well, that's what I thought you meant. Now, I have another question for you. Will crafting be the driving force in your game like Terraria? or would it be a time sink? (most MMO in my opinion) Also, my understanding this is a beginer forum, and the info suggest you use this forum before migrating on over. However, what the definition of beginer is, I don't know.
  15. I already know how to program very well in a couple of programming langages. The languages aren't even my issues. I am still a beginer at video programing, I'm nonot completely new software developing and developing, just a beginer. The help wanted and classifeds are to advance for me. I also looked in the visual art and music sound forums, they are about creating graphics and sound, that is where my problem lies. They sell 2d and 3d game engines on the net. I'd think there be websties that sell pre-package graphics and sounds. I google and I can't find them. I know what your thinking, if I can't find it on google, it must not exsist, right? However, I found some sites that do that in the most strangest place. I even saw a site that did some pixel art. The reason I asked in the first place (in case your wondering), I searched for an indie game development forum. I figured I would ask here first, and see what the communicty though about graphics and sound.