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    How to load a 3d model

    I am using C++, but I am open to any programming languages that makes graphics program a little easier
  2. Hello everyone, I wanted to get into graphics programming (so far I have a little knowledge about openGL) , but I am not a very good programmer (or in order words I am not very advanced). What I would like to do at this point is make a simple primitive from a 3d software (take your pick: Maya, 3ds Max, etc) and load it into my program. What I found was that this is a very complex technique and requires a lot of knowledge and detail about mathematics, multi-dimensional arrays, operation overloading, etc. What I wanted to know is there a a graphics library, or graphics programming language were there is a simply pre-made function: (for example load3dModel(cube.xxx) ) and it will just load the model?
  3. LiquidLeon

    Advice for game design interest

    Thanks so much for the responses everyone I really appreciate the help and advice. Thanks TechLord for the list of software I am glad I am not the only one that feels this way. It would be nice if all the assets of the game were there so designers like us can focus on the user experience, gameplay, controls, other psychological "fun" ingredients. . Also good luck on your project with the The Super 3D Game Platform I hope I can try it sometime.
  4. LiquidLeon

    Advice for game design interest

    Okay, thanks but one more question I had was I notice that game designers seems to wear two hats within development (they design the game, but they still have art or programming duties as well) will I eventually have to learn more programming or get into art, or is it enough to understand and communicate what makes a game "fun" by creating game documents, or maybe using a level editor?
  5. Hello everyone, I have a little free time and I would like this opportunity to design and make a game for fun. Although I have a degree in computer science I do not like to program. I also studied a little of the 3ds Max program but after a few weeks of using it I feel its also something I am not interested in. I realize that the big problem here is that I am uninterested in the programming and art aspect of creating games, yet I am interested in the gameplay and how the game is designed on a psychological level. Also I do not have any friends who are interested in game development, so if I were to start a project it would be solo. What I would like to know is what is the best way for me to design, or create a game? I would like to make a game but not focus so much on the art or programming and something that is manageable by myself. I know I will be severely limited but any advice would be nice. The only solution I have is just to make a game design document.
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