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  1. Check out my new game release called Space Worm. Now on the google play store! Only 99 cents! https://t.co/qb3saw8y
  2. jesseetzler_151415

    Space Worm 1.0 - Android Release

    Finally space worm 1.0 has been completed and is now available on android devices! Space Worm is a arcade style game that has some very addictive gameplay as you glide through space and avoid meteors / asteroids which gathering pick ups along the way. All the objects are randomly generated as well so you never know what order they will be spawning next.You can pick up space worm today for only 99 cents!! https://play.google....tzler.spaceworm [media] c1SvphcecIA=[/media]
  3. Starting to create a forums for A Dream Of Life. check it out http://t.co/e6Qg0vAl
  4. Bomb shop is looking neat!!!
  5. Found an amazing character artist for A Dream Of Life!!! Creature is animated and looking great!!
  6. It's so hard to find a 3d animator or concept artist x.x blah
  7. Playing some Majoras mask! Oh how it reminds me of the good ol days.
  8. It feels like summer here in #minnesota ?(???)?
  9. Need some more feedback or suggestions for space worm before it's released http://t.co/0yt0GP8f
  10. Now I'm curious on which companies make custom pc video game boxes.
  11. Wow to think your game Fez is so great and u say all Japanese games suck is pretty messed up..Have you not played zelda, MGS, Final Fantasy?
  12. jesseetzler_151415

    ADOL [ Hack n slash rpg ]

    New updated vid on my top post
  13. Improving website textures and such. Looking epic! #adreamoflife
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