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  1. Where to learn Video Game Programming?

    I use the term RPG in it's barest form. One small region, an animated player sprite, a single fight etc. a really really bare form of RPG. But thank you for the help!
  2. I'm an Australian High School student doing my last year of my HSC this year. I've always wanted to get into Video Game Programming so for my Software Design and Development Major Project I decided upon doing a basic 2D classic RPG in Java. I chose 2D RPG because I figured it would be the easiest genre to design and program and run on the low end machines the project would be marked on. I chose Java because I heard it was simpler than C++ (My next goal after I finish school) and close enough to it that learning C++ will be easier. I have previous programming knowledge of Python 2.X I have about 6 months I think to get the whole project completed and ready for submission I only intend to get the first quest hub with maybe 3-5 quests. Could anyone point me to some online resources/tutorials in Java that could help out?
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