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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to develop my first game for Windows and Android. After reading a bit about available options i decided that for those given platforms the best choice would be Java + libgdx. As for my first 2d game it will be simple clone of Missile Command :-). For now I have some missiles which can be launched to a specific target location (mouse click) with certain speed in pixels/second. After the missile reaches target it creates Explosion object (Actor) on the screen in given location and the Explosion itself grows until max radius is reached. I would like to detect collisions between 2 pairs of objects Explosion <-> EnemyMissile and EnemyMissile <-> Building. I found some tutorials suggesting extending class b2ContactListener in here: and But I can't find the b2ContactListener, b2World etc... Can someone point me to a tutorial or some sources using collision detection in Java with libgdx? If any more info is needed from my side, please let me know. Regards Afesh