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    is learning c++ as first and only language a bad way to go?

    Thanks again for all the answers from everybody... The scope of my project has changed somewhat (I feel for the better). My cousin and I have come to the conclusion that using a game engine will better suit our needs and the new scope of building a demo instead of an all-out game. Why? We were about to sell ourselves short and begin on a single-player RPG instead of an MMO. By going the single-player route there is a much greater likelihood of the project reaching completion. Now we have decided on an MMO demo using the Unity engine. Unity appears to support a wide array of scripting languages which has made me start in on C#. Ultimately, I'm choosing this approach to conserve time and see this thing through. Unity also looks good because one of its partners will provide free MMO service for up to 50 players.. I usually frown upon taking "shortcuts" but I must keep in mind that time is important and both my cousin and I need tools already in place to get development under way. If anyone has any feedback on advantages and especially major disadvantages of Unity, do tell. Please.
  2. BeyondTheWalls

    is learning c++ as first and only language a bad way to go?

    After reading most of the linked articles (and flip-flopping like crazy in doing so), I'm going to venture forth with C#. Now to find decent tutorials..
  3. BeyondTheWalls

    is learning c++ as first and only language a bad way to go?

    Thank you all very much. The detail of each post kept getting better and better. You guys have put my fears of choosing python or C# to rest and special thanks to Washu for the lists! This makes me want to finish studying my silly major (haha), go home and eat dinner, and then read up on which of python or C# I want to start in on. Definitely changed my mind regarding C++ if I can get the same things accomplished in less time with other languages. Take care and see you around the forums. It's nice to know there are awesome resources like this website available. CHEERS
  4. BeyondTheWalls

    is learning c++ as first and only language a bad way to go?

    Where can I learn game-specific advantages/disadvantages of game languages, does anyone know? I really need to know what the constraints are as they apply to what can be done with games. Thanks for your reply. Btw, for a troll, that's not too bad.
  5. Hi guys, Started in on the tutorial at www.learncpp.com. Got to somewhere in Chapter 3 a couple weeks back and had to put it down and take a break. From reading the first couple of chapters I have realized lots and lots of patience is going to pay off. Anyways, getting back to it: Without any experience in programming prior to the above mentioned, is it a terrible idea for me to start right in learning C++? I've seen arguments made for instead to learn C#/Python and I understand (or think I do) that it has reason to do with those already running in their own frameworks or environments or something. Before I go further I must say a couple things: 1. I am taking up the hobby of programming in the hopes of 1 day seeing my GDD come to fruition. This hobby is a means to an end, but my math is less than on par and I do hope that an understanding of computer programming will strengthen this area. But who knows, maybe one day I'll enjoy it enough to do it for a living although my real love is my major in the natural sciences. If computer games are a big fail on my part though, maybe I could use some of these skills towards designing/building better climate/weather models that I am studying right now. Who knows, seems like lots of good reasons to learn programming for more than just this now that I really think about it. 2. I have a fear that learning one language will be hard enough and am afraid that learning a more basic one will dishearten me as I'd be afraid of the extra time needed to transfer my knowledge from one to the other. So, the question is: If as of right now, I'm looking to use programming as a means to an end for my own personal game creation and my ideas may exceed engine limitations (I have no idea), would it be better to keep going learning C++ basics instead of getting into one of the "easier" (hope that doesn't offend anybody) languages that I would think would eat up more of my time? Also, even though I have started the learncpp tutorial, I have yet to grab an IDE. I know I need a free one for now because even though I want to be dedicated to this project.. well I don't see myself buying an IDE just yet. Are there choices for free C++ IDEs out there? Any input on which ones are good or which ones should be avoided, much thanks. edit: are there things that free IDEs don't do that can only be achieved through premium ones? All in all, thanks for reading.
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