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  1. ProvenDantheman

    OpenAL Linux No Sound

    I'm about to explode. This problem is hindering me from getting anything done   I ran the command openal-info. This is my output... Available playback devices:     !!! none !!! Available capture devices:     !!! none !!! Default playback device: Default capture device: ALC version: 1.1 !!! Failed to open default device !!!
  2. volume = max_volume - sqrt((x2-x1)*(x2-x1) + (y2-y1)*(y2-y1));
  3. ProvenDantheman

    OpenAL Linux No Sound

    I'm fairly certain I'm using the most up to date version of pulse.
  4. ProvenDantheman

    OpenAL Linux No Sound

    Hello, I've been trying to program basic sound in linux with OpenAL. However, when I compile the code and run, I get no sound. I've linked to lopenal and lalut.   When I compile using this code, I get an error in the console that says dev/dsp can't be found...   alutInit(&argc, argv); ALuint buffer = alutCreateBufferHelloWorld(); ALuint source; alGenSources(1, &source); alSourcei(source, AL_BUFFER, buffer); alSourcePlay(source); return(0);
  5. ProvenDantheman

    Application Name and Icon Help

    I sort of figured out the issue. I ran the application with an Ubuntu session, as opposed to a Gnome3 session. In Ubuntu, the title displays fine. In Gnome, it does not.   I've created .desktop files in Gnome, using the specifications required, but that yielded me with no results. I ended up having a nice looking launcher for the app, but the title displayed incorrectly.
  6. ProvenDantheman

    Application Name and Icon Help

    I created an application in code::blocks using a template, and it yielded the same results.
  7. ProvenDantheman

    Application Name and Icon Help

    I'm stumped :/
  8. ProvenDantheman

    Application Name and Icon Help

    I'm not sure, I'll try to look into it more.
  9. ProvenDantheman

    Turning the ground white from snow

    Hold the RAW pixel data of the texture in two arrays. Use array two, to display the texture. Array one will be const, that way you can't change it.   Now, when you initialize, load the texture into array one and two.   When it starts to snow, add values to random pixels over time in array two so it will slowly start turning white.   When it is done snowing, revert the pixels back over time to the original texture using data from array one.
  10. ProvenDantheman

    Loading Levels

    Why waste 54 bytes on a header? Just use raw data.   to save:   FILE * fileLevel; fileLevel = fopen(NAME,"w"); fileLevel = fopen(NAME,"a"); for(int i = 0; i < LEVELHEIGHT; i++) { for(int j = 0; j < LEVELWIDTH; j++) { fputc((char)LEVELDATAARRAY[j],fileLevel); } } fclose(fileLevel);   to open:   FILE * fileLevel; fileLevel = fopen(NAME,"r"); for(int i = 0; i < LEVELHEIGHT; i++) { for(int j = 0; j < LEVELWIDTH; j++) { LEVELDATAARRAY[j] = fgetc(fileLevel); } } fclose(fileLevel);
  11. ProvenDantheman

    Memory Leaks

    Well, I always make sure my dynamic arrays are deleted before allocating more memory, and I also make sure I allocate enough memory before accessing it.   Don't do this:   int * i = new int[10];   somefunc(){ i = new int[11]; }   instead do this:   int * i = new int[10];   somefunc(){ delete[]i; i = new int[11]; }   Do not do this:   int * i = new int[10];   somefunc{ int var = i[11]; }   Make sure you allocated enough memory in your dynamic array.   Also, make sure you only call delete once, or if there is a possible instance of you calling delete twice, set the variable to NULL when you delete it. Deleting a NULL pointer has no effect.
  12. ProvenDantheman

    Application Name and Icon Help

    I have not. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll try it and update you on my problem   I tried the function. It changed the name of the OpenGL window, but not the name in the Activities bar above. Thanks for the suggestion :)
  13. ProvenDantheman

    2D or 3D for my first RPG?

    2D is much, much easier. I can make 2D art in minutes. I can't ever make any decent 3D art :(
  14. I'm using: C++ Code::Blocks glut OpenGL Linux   On the top of the screen, you have a title, and an icon. My icon is blank and the title is unknown. Any ideas on how to fix this? View the attachment.
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