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    Where can I learn HTML5?

    I only know basic HTML
  2. Where can I learn HTML5 from beginning to end? I've been using w3schools but I don't really like the way things are taught. Any alternatives ?
  3. What's the code to make text low opacity and removed when you type something in the box. The most notable example of this would be on Facebook where it says "What's on your mind?"
  4. Hello everyone! I was wondering how the FaceBook friend feature works. What kind of code would they use to make it so that you click the "+Friend" button and it sends the person a request, then it gives you access to their page?
  5. iFengo

    Social Networking

    @ApochPiQ I already have a different concept but I need to know how these things work because it's important regardless of whatever website. Also, how do language on FaceBook work? Does someone translate everything into each individual language?
  6. I'm in the works of creating a social networking concepts. I have run into a few questions along the way however: 1. What is Facebook's ad platform, and how did they make it? 2. How does Facebook know your location and more so, provide you with relevant ads? 3. How does creating a login/signup page work? 4. How does Facebook make money? Thank you! *Please move to General Programming*
  7. I've been wanting to get started on programming, but every tutorial site I go to is very monotonous and boring. Are there any interactive sites that can keep me engaged to learn C++?
  8. In this game I play, if you hover over an opposing monster it shows their stats (such as attack, defense and speed.) What kind of code implements something like this?
  9. iFengo

    Game Design & Salaries.

    My apologies. I meant the founder of Mojang (I believe MC was a 2-man project)
  10. Hello! My name is Allan and I am 13 years old. Like most teenagers, I enjoy video games and have looked into C++, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, C# and most other programming languages, but I don't know which one is more beneficial for me to learn (pursuing a career in video game design.) Question: Which programming language should I learn first? I also have a huge interest in business, because I want to be a millionaire when i'm older. So my first thought would be to fuse my two loves and create a video game (e.g. MineCraft) but apparently the salary for a video game designer is around 88k when you've worked in the industry for 6+ years. So what is Mojang's job if he's a video game designer and is a millionaire.
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