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  1. Hello guys, I am Sanjay.K, Designer for Inferno Game Studio. Inferno Game Studio is a small Indie company has is base in Chennai, India. At this point of time the company has seven people on board. We are currently working on a undisclosed project. However our team is quite strong in the design aspect, we would like to make our team more stronger by adding two - three programmers. [attachment=6931:387202_10150425616768414_577648413_8128301_599941706_n.jpg] www.infernostudio.in is our official website. Game play Programmer (Preferable C# & Unity) - X 1. AI Programmer (Preferable C# & Unity) - X 1. people can contact me via skype: sanjay.karthikeyan If you are interested just be ready to kick some enimies in the game. [attachment=6927:3d_rendered.jpg][attachment=6928:375994_2207214620438_1249607302_31940552_1720737387_n.jpg][attachment=6929:376166_2390238515921_1249607302_32009343_518394695_n.jpg][attachment=6930:386234_233816990026295_100001939871912_534414_2120467321_n.jpg][attachment=6932:392263_2240277967001_1249607302_31954726_1660617329_n.jpg][attachment=6933:405152_229771673764160_100001939871912_524500_362555505_n.jpg][attachment=6926:truck_turntable_textured_0001.jpg9362dbe3-435a-41aa-b4be-9ed5a2a39555Large-1.jpg]
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