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  1. Unity UDK or Unity 3D

    I've been wondering which one is best to use, if one was trying to make a small RPG with local co-op (non-commercial). I've heard that Unity let's you make any genre of game, while the unreal engine is more used for shooters. I myself am pretty new to all 3D game making, but I have 7 years of experience with RPG-maker XP and a basic understanding of Ruby (RGSS), I'm a pretty quick learner too (and I have the time too learn). For the past weeks I've been on the look-out for which engines would suite my cause best and those two seems to be the better ones out there. Since both engines are free to some degree I'd like to hear a professional opinion on the matter. Currently I seem to be leaning more towards the UDK. Thank for you help, Evreaia