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  1. Yay Just reached 300 total video views! And IN YO FACE
  2. Looking For Programmers

    Okay, and I do know it will take a lot and I do mean a lot of time to make one. I'm know going to lower my expectations for making an mmo and probably make a simple game such as a Mario styled game. But I need to learn how to program any suggestions on what language to learn? Remember this language needs to be capable of making a Mario styled game and any other games I might choose to make Thanks in advance -Alex-
  3. thanks for all the support guys, just reached 200 total video views! keep up the support and a lot more awesome content coming soon .TM
  4. Looking For Programmers

    sorry if this is in the wrong topic. It may be in the right one but it may not so if its in the wrong one I apologise in advance
  5. Hello, we are working on an indie mmorpg. Now I know what most of you are thinking, that is not going to work you need a huge team of people, well we thought this through and yes there is more of us not just me, any ways we though it through and were still going through with it and we have a lot of game mechanic ideas, concept art and of course my favourite lore. We've now come to the stage in development where we need to program and well one way to put this is that none of the team can program (some of us can program a bit) and as the title says we are definitely looking for programmers to program the game in general and our own engine (that should be a challenge) Requirements: 1)Must be able to program 2)C++ mainly 3)you can use other languages for the engine 4)you will get paid (maybe) 5)in your reply say what language you program in, if you want to be paid, if you speak English and your skype username so we can keep in contact and see your programming development. so leave a reply if you would like to help and well yeah. now as most of us know the people who want the help (and want to get paid) are all wondering how will I get paid will the mmorpg be p2p or something like that, well were still undergoing some development in the payment and such but you will be paid whether it be the mmorpg is p2p or f2p you will get paid. ok so leave a reply if you would like to help and see you soon
  6. just updated our twitter profile :D