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    Starting a game project

    Thanks, i rela yod like more "mature" coding like SDL but i believe thath i am not so much experienced to make a game like this in SDL even i thath i like SDL: So i will probably go with Unity, one more question there is some kind of a top down camera, so i need to go with 3D scene,i belive reaching thath is not possible with 2D(scene)?
  2. I want to ask you guys what you think what is the best choice to start making a game like Hammerwatch? I am mostly deciding between SDL and Unity (in unity i probably should just use 3D scene as this hammewatch is some kind of a topdown ortho camera?)...What are your opinions what to use?
  3. HyperX

    What to choose?

    Hey, again me May i can ask what are there any new books for starting with direct x? I just switched now from C# to C++, so now i will realy start with directx game dev and i would need and new books if are there any.
  4. HyperX

    What to choose?

    And between SlimDX and normal DirectX with C# what would you recommend?
  5. HyperX

    What to choose?

    Hello, i am just trying to start with some game development in my free time, so first step is which language to choose. I want to start with somthing thath is extensible. I already know few programing languages mostly C# (as this is my job) and Java, C++. I have been thing about XNA 4.0, but it seems thath DirectX is "much" better. I found thath it can work with C# too with SlimDX. So i want to hear what are your recomendations.
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