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  1. Decisions - DAW/Controller

    Hello all! Ive decided that i will finally take the time, effort, training and enjoyment in composing for games. I have read endless topics, posts and have watched various videos in regards to it all and already have started learning the theory side of things. I have hit a snag - basically i have chosen FL Studios as my DAW of choice as i have tried a few (not all, just the ones in my budget [img][/img]) and feel the most comfortable in that DAW. My first question is that - am i making a mistake by choosing FL Studios for game composing? (Havnt purchased yet) - because i have looked through various job sites for companies etc and they all state Pro Tools, Logic etc etc. Is FL Studios still a DAW for game composing or best if i move away now and use another one? Reason why i like FL Studios is all the plugins it has, alot of different things you can play around with - what other DAW would be the closest in terms of i guess "third" party plugins and amount of addons you can play around with? I have chosen a few different midi controllers and wanted to look at the MPK49 - but its not fully compatible with FL Studios (due to the presets it dosnt have) and you have to link alot of the effects and other things to it - is there another keyboard that others recommend? How is the QX49, or even the Oxygen 49? Are they compatible with most (especially FL Studios)? I thank you for your time!