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  1. E.V.O. - Search for Eden for SNES. That game had a great blend of action, RPG, story, and character building.
  2. Indie Game Company Names?

    Go with "dumbfounder", not sure if it's a word, but then again it doesn't have to be. =) Plus being the "dumbfounded guy" isn't really a curse. Any publicity is good publicity. If your name sticks than at least you're remembered. Thats more than most game designers can say. Think CliffyB. I personally think it's a goofy nickname, reminiscent of when my brother went a summer going by Ben "Jammin'", but it stuck and now it's signiture.
  3. Where would you rather live?

    Unlimited Suplies? Silent Hill all the way. That place was easy to survive when you actually had bullets. Plus weird nurse monsters.... kinda hot. Got that razors edge factor. =)