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  1. Hi, Does anyone have a solution to exporting normals of mirrored meshes when using the IGame interface (3ds max sdk)? currently I'm just calling: FaceVert.normal = gm->GetNormal(face->norm[iVertex], false) * m_WorldToLocal; And for most objects, that's fine, but any meshes that have been mirrored by the artist always have them flipped. After looking through the API online, I don't see a way to tell IGame which part of the stack to use for exporting data, or even if there is a way to get an attribute that tells me that the mesh has been mirrored, in which case I could just flip the normals myself. Hopefully I've missed something and there is a way to do this. Alternatively, I could just re generate the normals myself, but I'd like to avoid that if I can get the correct normals out of the IGame interface. Thanks!