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  1. Thanks a lot for all your helpful advice.
  2. Thanks so much for your big reply. I'm glad I could find the advice I needed, I think I'll create a free blog simply to track my own progress on. Maybe I'll post up my games as well. Hell maybe I'll get more support off that Thanks! Also, do you recommend C# over python because I plan to switch to C++ later?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am learning C++ at the moment, do you suggest I make games in this language? I appreciate you taking the time to reply, I realize that I often thing bigger than realistic. I'll make a some small games (THAT FUNCTION!). Thanks.
  4. I'm wondering what the structure of a 3D game engine is. I can't seem to find any online resources whatsoever on the subject. If I play to write an engine, I need to know what the structure of a good functioning engine is. And how it all works with each other and such. Thanks. EDIT: Also I've been looking into SDL and OpenGL but I have no idea how to implement them into or with an engine.
  5. DyeGuardian

    3ds Max map -- now what?

    Thank you very much for your reply. Very useful information/advice.
  6. DyeGuardian

    3ds Max map -- now what?

    I was looking into SDL but I didn't find any books on it where I went looking (I'll have to find one somewhere..). For making a industrial quality First Person Shooter (for Computers/Online), how does C# compare to C++ in that aspect? I am willing to put in the time and money to learn C++ if it's what I need to do (as well as SDL and OpenGL). I hope to have something in a year and a half (when I graduate high school). I am not going into this as a 'profession' (please don't suggest schooling for Game Development). Something being something I can bring online that's playable. Or even something only suitable to bring online locally and at least be able to do some basic things like shoot and run and such (basically a functioning game--or close to a functioning game but without any fine tuning). Thanks. Also, I have dabbled around some programming and the idea of creating a game for a few years now so I have a little experience (and now an expensive book on learning C++).
  7. DyeGuardian

    3ds Max map -- now what?

    Hmm, thanks for the reply. Sorry I may not have given as much information as I should have. I am currently learning C++ but I don't want to be using other game engines and kits and such.
  8. DyeGuardian

    3ds Max map -- now what?

    Okay so I was wondering... Say I have a map created in 3ds max already (technically speaking I do, a plane with a grass texture--nothing else). What can I do for the next step? *Also, what do I need to do for boundaries? Like should I create 5 planes around the base plane and texture it with a sky texture?* Rather than focus on improving the map, I'd rather like to start on the engine and such. My big question is HOW can I get from here, to having a model in the map (assuming I create animation in MotionBuilder for walking) and be able to walk around with it from a first person perspective? This would help a LOT. Thanks in advance.
  9. I was wondering if I could create maps for my FPS (First Person Shooter) in 3ds max, and if so, how far could I go with 3ds Max alone without using any additional resource? I am creating my game all from scratch. ALL of it. So I assume creating whole maps (not including extras such as spawn points or ammo or whatever else) in 3ds Max IS possible. I'll need to write a map editor but mainly, am I able to model the whole thing in 3ds Max (again, not including any extras) and import it to my map editor? Thanks in advance. Edit: Also, if writing my own editor sounds like an idea that will work. What would you suggest I write it in? I am going to pick up some programming books tomorrow, one of which includes C++ (what I will hope to write my game engine in).
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