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    Synth Sampling Stations: The Ultimate Package

    Haha, no it didn't sound like a sales pitch. I was just very eager to get started and after hearing Komplete for the 10th time that day, I felt like I should get it.
  2. OutlawTorn6806

    Synth Sampling Stations: The Ultimate Package

    You have me sold Mortiz, I'm going to go for KOMPLETE. Thanks guys.
  3. OutlawTorn6806

    Synth Sampling Stations: The Ultimate Package

    Calum: Its true what you said, but I can't help but feel like I'm missing a strong electronica synth station foundation. And after thinking about it, I think thats what I'm really after. I'm not willing to throw down on FL Studio. Can anyone tell me what a good/great electronica software is? There is so much to choose from that its really daunting. So far, I have Halion 4, Absynth, Reaktor, Reason, and now Omnisphere as possible candidates.
  4. OutlawTorn6806

    Synth Sampling Stations: The Ultimate Package

    Thanks for the response guys. Mortiz: I was looking through KOMPLETE last night on the NI website. Have you used Reaktor and Absynth before? Would you recommend them? StauntonLick: I was definitely looking at geting SD2 somewhere down the line. And yes, I do need more world music and ethnic type of software. Can you recommend any such ones from your own personal experience? What I figure I really need to get started right is a good electronic synth software, like Absynth 5 or Halion 4. Are there other electronic synths that anyone can recommend? The sound I'm specifically going to go for once I get good enough is akin to the Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed Revelations, and Black Ops sound tracks. They combine orchestral compositions with ambient and power electronic music.
  5. Anyways, that title was just to get quickly get some attention. I'm home studio owner and musician who started getting into sound recording and mixing just so my hard rock and metal band can sound professional. Over the few years, I have amassed a decent VST collection to make sure my recordings are good. However, recently, I've been really wanting to broaden musically and get into composing, especially video game music. My question is what is a set of good synth sampling stations that I can purchase to get me started. I already have EW Quantum Leap's Symphonic Orchestra, Steven Slate 3.5, Guitar Rig 3, Halion One, and Cubase 5. Even with all that I know I need other software. The only one that I can think of getting is Halion 4. Can anyone make any other suggestions based off of their own collection. I have looked over the stickied links at the top but most of the software links are broken or extremely outdated. Any help or pointing to the right direction would be great. I want to get a decent synth station up and running by the end of the month. PS: I already own a MIDI keyboard for the sake of running Symphonic Orchestra. Thanks
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