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  1. Dynamo_Maestro

    How long before you forget (programming)

    I have forgotten all my pHp and even AS but I stopped using those languages years ago (both replaced by C#).
  2. Dynamo_Maestro

    I remember why I Dislike Windows now: Or is it Microsoft?

      It may not be what you want to hear but the fault (unless confirmed to be hardware related and even then it is the hardware manufacturers fault) is yours 100%.   If you had this kind of problem with windows it is likely you will have it with any OS. I could go in more detail here point by point on your post but in the end is sums down to the user.   In fact I have never had any issue with MS or their products at a unproductive scale since using C# (2010) which slowly made me become pure MS (with the exception of Adobe reader) for all things software related. As for Apple, until the company stops focusing on electronics and starts focusing on software on par with MS I refuse to downgrade myself, I am not greedy or suicidal enough to go cross platform.
  3. Dynamo_Maestro

    SQL Server Table naming conventions

    Thanks for the reply. I had a look at this http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd283095(v=SQL.100).aspx after I wrote the question. I was quite surprised I never came across this but then after doing some reading it makes sense as I am not doing DB work in a team however due to the way it helps combining tables I must admit it is much better than my current 'separate by underscore' approach.   Anyway thanks for the reply.
  4. When you create a new table in SQL Server the default name is dbo.Table_# with # being the new table value. I rename my tables without the dbo. and it is almost always plural.  Looking at TFS collections I noticed all the tables were named with one of the following prefixes Codesense.tbl_ / dbo. / dbo.tbl_ where they were mostly singular names regardless of the prefix.   There is a fair amount of noise online on whether tables should be plural / singular online but nothing really mentioned prefixes such as dbo. or dbo.tbl_.   My question isn't really about naming tables with plural / singular names but more about the dbo. dbo.tbl_ prefix. Is this the SQL version of Hungarian notation where I can freely avoid or is there some kind of rule where it is best to follow this practice and name tables with dbo. / dbo.tbl_ prefixes?   Edit: This applies to other areas of the DB too, almost everything is created with dbo. but I figured I would figured I would talk about the table prefixes only
  5. Dynamo_Maestro

    Will Steam the platform make Steam the OS viable?

    I think it is already hugely disappointing how desktops / windows are often treated like a gaming environment only. Perhaps I think too much of a developer but using a desktop or windows for gaming ONLY is like getting a gym membership, going to the gym and relaxing in the bar.
  6. Dynamo_Maestro

    Isnt this forum boring?

    I must be entertained by work, if i get bored i cannot just do this - and im heavy bored recently (this topic also bore me to death to be honest;/)     Unless you are a forum troll a forum should never be considered work   If you aren't finding satisfaction with your work, the problem has got nothing to do with the forum you have been posting on.   EDIT: If you want to be entertained, go on #gamedev on IRC and ask those guys to entertain you ;)
  7. Dynamo_Maestro

    Isnt this forum boring?

    Gamedev strengths are really in answering graphic related, and obviously game related, questions, where stack-overflow and others fail. You can almost always guarantee a graphics development related question on Bing, or Google if you are into that, will have a GD link. However if you were to search for "I am bored entertain me", it is unlikely GD would appear at all.   I don't think you should try to be entertained by these forums, that would be like trying to be entertained by documentation. I am not sure what the long term goal of GD is but somehow I doubt entertaining posters was on its list of priorities.
  8. Dynamo_Maestro

    Is Win8 that bad?

    I agree with phantom and too have been using Win8 from the start, although until 8.1 was using windows server 2012. I have had no issues at all and for the sake of things I am closely using almost all MS tech and haven't had any issues. I don't need to sell / advertise windows or correct people when they talk crap so I wont bother getting into a debate on this but I will mention I have had my best OS experience with Win8 and if that makes me a fanboi then I will gladly wear that status.
  9. Dynamo_Maestro

    Is Win8 that bad?

    Win 8, so far has been flawless for me and I am a desktop user with no touch screen capabilities. The UI has been perfect and much welcomed.   I wont bother going into the psychology of how opinions are formed, though that is rare in this day and age, and more so how / why they are 'relayed' at such volume. If you want to know about Win 8, or anything for that matter, what I would suggest is trying it but make sure you isolate yourself from opinions. Try this for a week then form an opinion and you may be shocked to find that your opinions will be unique and aren't about the UI . Alternatively you can copy paste criticism which people have been doing nicely for years, but don't expect any elaboration a mere link / quote is all one needs to be insightful anymore.
  10. This error doesn't happen in Win 7 and seems to only occur in Win 8 when debug flags are used. I have updated SharpDX libraries too and rebuilt but still have the issue.     This occurs when creating the XAudio device using the following code xAudioDevice = new XAudio2(xAudioDebugFlags, ProcessorSpecifier.DefaultProcessor); Using the default constructor doesn't give any errors however I want debug flags on so I use this. I have messed around a bit with flags / processor specifier and the error occurs when "XAudio2Flags.DebugEngine" is used. This is a normal desktop app and I have no other issues with running and for what it's worth no COM issues of my own, assuming this is a COM issue.
  11. Dynamo_Maestro

    Are you a gamer?

    I am no longer a gamer, in 2010 I got hooked on C#, although it wasn't my first language it was the first language, and I guess environment, where I truly enjoyed programming. Gaming very much went stale after that, the challenges in programming regardless of what they were, were far more attractive than game challenges. I still extended subs, bought games and expansions but never lasted longer than a few days on them. Eventually I stopped caring or spending money on games though I will happily talk about new releases, watch vids and try to be 'sold' by advertisement now and then, though this is super rare and non-productive sites like youtube are blocked for me anyway, but honestly I feel like I am immune to games now which is funny since I was once a gaming addict. I guess it is true what they say, to get rid of one addiction replace it with another.   I have always considered, especially with the way it works that gfx programming (not necessarily game programming) is like creating your own world where the possibilities are endless. I have always admired games like Sim City or strategy games where construction was the main part of the game, but the building aspect doesn't even come remotely close to what one can create with gfx programming or programming in general. To top it off, no time is wasted programming and you are always learning. For me programming is my 'game of choice' though the social aspect is limited   Keep having fun with programming.
  12. Dynamo_Maestro

    .NET Native

    Define "cross platform". Having it be compiled on their cloud kind of implies that it will only work for Windows platforms. If that's all that you're concerned with, that's okay, but the news is not as exciting for others that still have to ensure that the game runs with good performance on platforms that don't have this tool available.     Yes but as I stated and as it is mentioned in the FAQ:       It is a start to something more promising and desktop will likely get support. Whether that is in the same format that is yet to be determined
  13. Dynamo_Maestro

    Top Or Bottom?

      Same kindda   - const - fields (that have no related properties) - properties and fields, with collections and generics first - delegates and event handlers - constructors - event methods - methods organised by #regions based on interface - and if destructors are needed it goes together with the disposer method (not property) in a #region at the bottom   Although I doubt this is common practice, to keep statics (when necessary) separate I make use of partial keeping statics separate but in the same partial class.   As for C++ it is straight up bottom
  14. Dynamo_Maestro

    Programming is so Fragmented.

    You are thinking about big problems, break them down until they are a small task or you will never be able to sleep at night. Programming should be fun regardless of what language you pick. As you can see in this thread people will give different answers based on their experience and all will have good reasons for their answer. The fact of the matter is the language you pick is based on the project and goals, however if the project is unrealistic and goals not planned carefully you will have a lot more problems than simply the language.   Just be careful when doing research, languages are like religions and there is always an insecure war going on to convert or destroy others
  15. Dynamo_Maestro

    .NET Native

    I am amazed this hasn't been posted or mentioned, I did a search but found nothing which is odd as DX12 was announced.   Links: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/archive/2014/04/02/announcing-net-native-preview.aspx and http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/vstudio/dn642499.aspx   I haven't tried it out and I know it is Win Store atm but the blog / FAQ sounds promising for all things .NET. One of the things that really caught my eye was:     However I am not entirely sure what it means by 'better experience', I would assume performance but it somewhat implies that people have been having performance issues with developing gfx apps in C# which I always was under the impression was rare simply due to how much content and work would be required to reach that, as in AAA quality products. I haven't even bothered attempting to make a store app but for those of you who have was performance issues noticeable in store games made in C#? Let me put it another way, I have been on the same project since early 2012, the project is for desktop and is growing with a lot of content yet performance issues have not occurred once, where C++ would have made a noticeable difference, despite pushing the limits gracefully and 95% being C#. Perhaps I am looking too much into this but it reads like there has been performance concerns with C# and store apps. I suppose it doesn't matter either way as even if it was it will soon become a problem of the past.   Another thing that made me do a happy dance and is worth a mention here is:     At the risk of starting a language war, which let's be honest MS somewhat attracts in the first paragraph "This preview release of .NET Native offers you the performance of C++ with the productivity of C#.  .NET Native enables the best of both worlds!", how does this change things? Although mono and things like xamarin exist, does .NET native and MS new direction mean .NET languages in the near future will be cross platform (naturally without mono) that perform just as good at C++?   There are a lot of quotes I removed because it was practically a copy paste, due to excitement, but this is something I feel worthy of staying here.     Again I know this is for window store atm but I think it is safe to assume in the future this will be for all things .NET   In case no one has the initial blog posting: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dotnet/archive/2014/04/03/the-next-generation-of-net.aspx Have a look at RyuJIT as well as other features
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