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  1.   To answer your question, the game is set in a fantasy universe, around its own version of the 17th-18th century.

    the mental party game idea

    Are you recruiting or offering a design for grabs ?     i'm gonna agree with powerneg, i'm not too sure what the post is about. In regard to your idea, what makes it different from corpse party? what are you trying to accomplish with this idea?
  3. Hey gamedev whats happening? I'm currently designing a 2-d metrodvania styled action adventure game and i appear to have hit a snag. I want to give the protagonist a weapon that serves more than one function so i guess this post isn't so much about the story per-say. Its more about what sort of tool i want to give the protagonist. So far i've decided on outfitting the hero with a rifle for long ranged combat, but i'm having trouble deciding what sort of closed ranged weapon to design around.  one idea i ad discussed was perhaps give them hook swords? its not seen too much, and i think it would be refreshing from the age old long sword or katana that's been made so popular recently. what do you think? any ideas or suggestions?
  4. I've been brainstorming a lot for a game idea focused around an arcane university. You essentially start off as a new student and get to decide what your "major"(or focus of study) is going to be as you play the game. My question is what sort of changes could i make to make the game deeper than just "read book, learn spell"?  One idea i had was to make each school of magic fit into a different rpg archetype for example(maybe a player would like to focus his/her studies on healing spells for example, while another focuses on elemental magic). Should i worry about the idea of stats as well? I'm thinking that making the game too number heavy will really break immersion, and i would like to have that constant sense of discovery. If anyone has any ideas as to where i can find new inspirations for magics and some of the possibilities, I'd love to hear those as well.  
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