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  1.   To answer your question, the game is set in a fantasy universe, around its own version of the 17th-18th century.

    the mental party game idea

    Are you recruiting or offering a design for grabs ?     i'm gonna agree with powerneg, i'm not too sure what the post is about. In regard to your idea, what makes it different from corpse party? what are you trying to accomplish with this idea?
  3. Hey gamedev whats happening? I'm currently designing a 2-d metrodvania styled action adventure game and i appear to have hit a snag. I want to give the protagonist a weapon that serves more than one function so i guess this post isn't so much about the story per-say. Its more about what sort of tool i want to give the protagonist. So far i've decided on outfitting the hero with a rifle for long ranged combat, but i'm having trouble deciding what sort of closed ranged weapon to design around.  one idea i ad discussed was perhaps give them hook swords? its not seen too much, and i think it would be refreshing from the age old long sword or katana that's been made so popular recently. what do you think? any ideas or suggestions?
  4. I've been brainstorming a lot for a game idea focused around an arcane university. You essentially start off as a new student and get to decide what your "major"(or focus of study) is going to be as you play the game. My question is what sort of changes could i make to make the game deeper than just "read book, learn spell"?  One idea i had was to make each school of magic fit into a different rpg archetype for example(maybe a player would like to focus his/her studies on healing spells for example, while another focuses on elemental magic). Should i worry about the idea of stats as well? I'm thinking that making the game too number heavy will really break immersion, and i would like to have that constant sense of discovery. If anyone has any ideas as to where i can find new inspirations for magics and some of the possibilities, I'd love to hear those as well.  
  5. I want to keep this brief so i'll get right to the point, how did your designs "evolve"? I constantly go back and take things out, or re work things to improve the game somehow. Its almost like an living, breathing thing in my opinion.

    continuity in games?

    ...I feel so silly for not thinking of this earlier. That would make everything so much easier.

    continuity in games?

    That it a very good way of explaining it. To explain it in a nutshell would be to say that the lore would be continued and expanded upon. The events and figures of game A may be ancient history to people from game B, or perhaps game C happened because the choices (or lack there of) of the individuals from game A.

    continuity in games?

    Sorry about trying to resurrect this topic, but i was away for school and was hoping i could further emphasize my idea. Lets say game A is an Action adventure game with a character who wields a particular sword After the events of his/her game, he/she dies and is forgotten by history. Game B(on the other hand) is a fighting game, where a character has unearthed The sword from Game A and uses it in Game B.

    continuity in games?

    After a bit of meditation, i see the series not so much being influenced by the setting, but rather by consequences from past games. One example i can think of is a medieval RPG; A kingdom is under attack by a rouge army led by a military leader of a particular race. Once the game is complete and the kingdom is saved, people become extremely prejudiced and distrusting of that particular race in a game set several hundred years in the future.
  10. This portion just gave me a bit of inspiration.what If the enemy is smart enough to try and separate the group, forcing them to take different paths? Of course they would meet later on, but the sudden isolation after a hectic firefight would leave me pretty creeped out personally. As for the communication aspect, we could make voice chat proximity based so when the players are separated they won't be able to hear one another.
  11. Hello Gamedev, While i recently decided to further pursue one of my idea's, I've hit a bit of a roadblock. In this idea, four people are trapped in a haunted house and need to escape. These four have access to various weaponry from different time periods in order to defend themselves from all manner of monsters that reside in this house. My question to you is- How do i create a game that is both co-op oriented, and frightening? games like left 4 dead did a great job in introducing the idea, but its linear design and near unlimited amounts of ammo didn't really help in the "scare" factor. Why bother running away or sneaking around when you can just pump it full of lead? One suggestion i got from a friend was to limit the amount of supplies available, is there anything else i could do to help balance the spook to shoot ratio?
  12. MRECKS

    continuity in games?

    Hello Gamedev, i am currently in the brainstorming phase of several different video games. I am currently playing with the idea of making all of these games persist within the same "universe". Given all my current ideas do not fall into the same genre of game, but i feel as though its possible to make them all fit together like a puzzle somehow. Is this an idea worth pursuing? Everyone i have asked so far seems to enjoy the idea, but i was hoping i could get a more professional and peer driven opinion.
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