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  1. I posted yesterday regarding a similar topic (input on taking or rejecting an internship) and greatly appreciate the feedback.   Do you have any stories of your own or of others you know who broke into the game dev industry later than usual (> 25-30+ years old or so)?   I'm 32 (wife, kids, less free time, various interests including game dev) and was recently offered an internship at a local game dev company.   I'd love to hear your experience or of someone you know that got in late. Thanks.
  2. I was offered an internship at a game development company during my last semester this coming Spring and am a bit torn on making a decision.   I am 32, married to a wife who works full time, and have a two year old. I do get paid through the GI Bill to go to school full time but that ends in April.   The internship is at a local game dev company and the pay is low (offered $10 an hour) with flexible hours even up to full time, but generally can work around my school schedule, which will be light. Despite it being a game dev company, I won't be doing actual game dev for the first project, but game dev will come later (Unity3D).   I am not sure I want to take it for the following reasons: - I'd be driving 45 minutes one way to work for now. - I have a wife and kid. - $10/hr is very low pay compared to what I used to do (non-CS-related and will not do anymore).   Does $10/hr sound unreasonable for a game dev internship. I know other software development internships often pay twice as much or more. Any general input regarding angles I am not looking at and the pay are greatly appreciated.   
  3. I have read that ODEs are used in game development, particularly in physics engines and programming (I'd like a little elaboration on how), but what I'd really like to know is if PDEs are used in game dev. Has anyone used them, or have they studied them and see that they are or aren't that useful or are or aren't indirectly useful? Thanks.
  4. I have a few options for mathematics this spring and I would like your input. I have posted something like this before but now I will be a bit more specific.   I've taken linear algebra and did very well -- it was probably about 30-40% proofs, and the rest was practical problem solving. Now I can take the following: Calc 3 (multivariable) Differential Equations Linear Algebra (upper div with lots of proofs) (last chance to take it also) Number Theory Which, if any or all, might best serve me for game dev, specifically graphics and/or AI? Is another proof-laden linear algebra class necessary or overkill? Thanks.
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I was a bit dumbfounded at a couple of the comments that denounced certain maths (or all advanced math) as unnecessary or useless. I am almost done with Calc 2 and can certainly see in the road a head that linear algebra, probability and statistics, and a slew of other uses in math and programming, particularly graphics and AI, which both interest me.   And thanks for your input RobTheBloke.
  6. I have a few option over the next two or three semesters, but am somewhat limited due to time and money constraints (GI Bill and a wife and baby). Here are the classes offered through next spring:   Numerical Analysis I and II Probability & Statistics I and II (Prob & Stats I is required). Linear Algebra (advanced).   I am a Calc 2 student now and will be taking Elementary Linear Algebra this summer, but I am open to those classes in the following Fall and Spring. I could also take the following if I really really wanted to:    Calc III Ordinary Differential Equations Boundary Value Problems   The big question is, if you could take only three, which would you take (ignoring that Prob & Stats I is required)? I'm wondering which will serve me best as a developer and specifically as a game developer. Your input is much appreciated. Thank you.   How would you play this hand?
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