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  1. Maybe I can help you. Ofcourse I can be caught on some questions but I used to be a thermal analyst (mechanical engineering) for about 9-10 years on projects from telco, automotive lighting, commercial aerospace and non military D&S (sounds like oxymoron but D&S is the name of branch).
  2. Osidlus

    Game Combat Mechanic Examples

    As a basic requirement on combat system I would say you may want to display some disavantages of heavier armors so that the game will not progress into full plate armour thugs dangling of the trees or something similar. Such disadvantages may be wearing of stamina, slowing down really rapid moves like sprint, worse maintenance in the wilds, vision etc. Friend of mine did very neat system covering that quite a bit- so there could be regular character path way going as half naked barbarian. Let us please know, I am interested in the setting as well ;-).
  3. Osidlus

    What to do in a pirate game?

    here is some forgotten gem to soak some inspriation, I cannot find english version though:
  4. Osidlus

    Why A.I is impossible

    Thanks for saying that, I was jammed on terms like extrapolation, simulation or applied data for that. Btw: if we can this world miniature aka simulation call a dynamic inteligence, there is also static property which is basically memory, ability to sort, put data in relation. I think that very origin of this relationing can well be ourselfs. Would be interesting to build up a computer with all the operating data being a chain leading to it's existence or "life quality" and provide it world miniature model etc.
  5. Osidlus

    Why A.I is impossible

    Maybe I am wrong but it looks to me that Chinese room thought experiment was beaten by deep learning. Here is why: lets assume that language is a detection/description tool in this case for the machine. So lets throw into deep learning all the symbols combinations and combinations of combinations (higher level in neural network) etc. Now we should have a tool to describe a state. Now we need to get a knowledge about the states- therefore now we need to apply deep learning onto human society and applied topics to the translations. Bham, now the computer knows that granny + grandad equates to 150% more Christmas gifts on average than grandad alone. Now lets talk about the Easter when grandad is in spa- I think doable to some certainty.
  6. Osidlus

    Why A.I is impossible

    Maybe Eric was meaning deepest level of AI. Mundane senses based one should be enough. Why? Because sensing means affecting isn't it?
  7. Osidlus

    Games: Wheres the fun in that?

    Interesting ground. I think that "to feel unique" value for the players is being mentioned by the devs here and there. Maybe what is to be discovered is scope and right way to do that.   But isn't also a pain element connected with uniqueness? You will never have what the others have and you can be bashed on that. Some kind of uniqueness feeling was implemented even in good old game systems like Diablo II have. Do you remember how we safe skill points in order to excel later? How about surrendering power, leaving the comfort zone of casuals and increase magic find in order to get increased drop and achieve something the others super rarely have. On a game systems level (rule set)- in martial arts/alchemy system I used to toy with there was allocation of skills into ternary diagram but one axis was voluntary (spiritual). Little simplified- so there could be mundane style with fast progress (western boxing etc.) for casuals and slow but higher targets for hardcore gamers (kung fu, tai chi, karate). On the items level to make it interesting it must stems out of nucleus what the character is and it will be always to some level what is the environment around. So there are some predefined qualities that matters the others are to be collected from players gameplay. Lots of work but superinteresting. 
  8. Percentage is ratio, in this case - what is dodge % ? Per logic it must be comparison of dodging ability vs standardized attack. What qualities should standardized attack pack? I guess it is -Area affected, time frame of execution (it is more difficult to evade quick attack right?), situational quality (good attacker will force you to struggle with your own momentum) and list could go on. That percentage can also pack state of defender ala fatigue. Problem is that nowhere is presented what is that standardized attack. 25% can insane dodge when compared to final boss on steroids attack. Same thing for accuracy, so what is it compared to?
  9. Osidlus

    Completely custom skills mechanic for RPG

    Sorry Alberth, I have a problem to quote. I agree with you that this solution would not provide you ultimate answer whether input is OK. But I think that program's  purpose for user is in general different then finding the truth about it self and inputs.   Therefore some reasonable time can be identified because value of the output decreases with time spent waiting if you agree with me.
  10. Osidlus

    how should epic encounter areas work?

    Maybe encounter areas could be more natural spots then randomly chosen i.e. water springs, narrow paths through mountains, rich soils... Also maybe these spots may act as a "theatre" where player may observe some animal fight (and get some warning feel not to contribute).  Ïf I remember correctly you were thinking how to give players exploration reward, so observing fight (or some other event) and collect what is left can be one method...   As for the timing- consider randomness and different encounter density for the spots... 
  11. Osidlus

    Completely custom skills mechanic for RPG

    When here is someone enjoying theory fundamentals, I was always wondering why the solution for "halting problem" could not be to create a copy of the system -give it a run with suspected inputs and original system would observe the copy executing and at some time would stop that - quarantine simulation basically.   As for the game system, I think it is worth trying, I also have been trying and now naively think I have structure that might do that.   Regarding blending elements into more abstract higher level quality I think "design of experiment" approach might be utilized. Basically it is a sum of energies of elements  and interactions between them each weighted depending on considered quality. Each object would be set of qualities . Qn= x*A+y*B+z*C +g*A*B+d*A*C....+w*A*B*C   Funny thing is each culture or style might have different coefficients- as they face different environmental (and other) challenges thus values slightly different things.
  12. I think there are professional teams that were offering to prototype a game for  2-4 k $ here. Knights of Unity is one that I remember.   So your path may be. Think out a game that utilizes your (physics+GM) approach at the best for current market, make a prototype, reiterate, give it a breath (some arts, story) and run a kickstarter campain. Maybe I should try it myself :D.
  13. Osidlus

    What Would You Do If...

    I think Kavik Kang has found some interesting description of a world element- and it depends on a player how deep wants to dig in  so it can be car fleet, car, piston or bearing of the piston->quantum level. But I may be wrong... 
  14. How about different view of the dungeon on a way back? When in figting mode one probably focuses on different things (lets call them values) though which he or she projects the reality to it self. Example lets ask chef, chemist and drunken on a cup of tap water. I guess the answers will vary a lot.    Same with a band of cavemans conquering the cave, first in fighting mode- focusing on spoting persons, beasts, traps, terain difficulties, covering, noise, own members etc. On a way back thinking on how to utilize chambers by tribe, recognizing minerals, water quality, fungus-plants. I think even mechanic can be made of that so that the player could select of what is he looking for to support succesfull roll (and see consciously it).
  15. If this is a probe of interest then I say it sounds great and similar to my imagination of ideal system for MMORPG.   And yes, I something more than just think such a game system is do-able ie.- integration of RPG numbers and behaviors with player inputs. If designed smart it can mitigate permadeath quite natural way.
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