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  1. [quote name='ThatGuyinaBlackSuti' timestamp='1329332003' post='4913428'] Hope you liked mine [img][/img] [/quote] Don't know if you sent me anything
  2. What Game engine should i use!

    Flash/Actionscript 2.0 or 3.0
  3. Thanks for your support That REALLY keeps me motivated, i'm making animation bases right now (So i can animate the characters later) Every character will be unique (NPCs), but they will have similar animations, although many characters will have unique animations and sprites; Paul Franzens character gave me an idea that he could work in a local Arcade, where you can play minigames which will have 2-3 colored games, like the old arcade games from the 70s (Space Invaders and Pong), because the main game universe is pixelated, so the arcade games will have even more limited graphics Oh, and i made a new rule about submitting the sprites: Please PM me, DON'T post the sprites here. Again, thanks for all your support - Matt EDIT: [quote name='Tillofolofogus' timestamp='1328627128' post='4910517'] Haha this sounds awesome! I will make a lot for you! I might even to a guy in a dragon costume! Add me on skype so I can send you all of mine! chris.fracassi1 Thanks! [/quote] I would really appreciate if you PM-d me instead (Cause i don't have a skype account :/) Thanks for helping me - Matt
  4. [quote name='Sum 1 Random' timestamp='1328624258' post='4910497'] I can't draw, but I figured I might as well chip in [img][/img] [sub](I hope you haven't already got one like it)[/sub] What kind of game is it? [/quote] It's a 2D Physics Freeroam Platformer... It's a little hard to describe without any visual demos... You pretty much are a guy with telekinetic abilities and you can toss people and things around, things can break and people can lose limbs. Let's just say it will be kinda like Happy Wheels ([url=""][/url]) combined with Super Mario Bros (3). I'm sorry that i can't show any progress, but i will promise you that i will try to make the basic engine and make a video about it (The game will be in ActionScript 3, i'm using Flixel and Box2D engine to combine them into pixelated physics goodness :3)
  5. [quote name='Paul Franzen' timestamp='1328559718' post='4910277'] Hey, this sounds kinda fun! I'm not an artist in any way, but maybe this is a chance for me to pretend to be one. I'll try to come up with something. [/quote] Thanks! The idea of this is that i just want to have hundreds of different and unique citizens for my game, so that it doesn't get boring :3
  6. (I know this may be kinda much to ask but...) Just do one sprite (it doesn't have to be perfect because i will edit them later) and give it a name. I will then give the characters animations and sound. I just want alot of random citizens for my game. Every citizen will be unique and every citizen can die (it will be a ""physics-based death", like in Happy Wheels, pretty brutal). Oh, and you WILL get something in return. Once the game is finished, i will connect your character with a site of your liking (it can be your facebook page, youtube channel, deviantart etc), and i will add your name (and website) to the credits. This way you will get traffic to your site. • Make one sprite (or many different sprites/characters, you just don't have to make an animation), using the template below • Give him/her/it a name • Add the link you want me to connect the character with • Upload the sprite, send me the link in PM Template/Guide/Example: [img][/img] Sorry for grammar errors, thank you for reading. - Matt Edit: an example of the animations i'm going to give them [img][/img]