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  1. Intercept HTTP Request

    The motivation for looking for this kind of solution is mainly to explore ways of creating essentially a "browser game" that does not need to necessarily be natively programmed for each browser (write something that processes URLs and returns the page with appropriate game content rather than writing a toolbar for every web browser). The project I'm currently working on is, from what I understand, is a copy of PMOG (Nethernet?) where players have these game items they can leave on the page. Currently, the programmer working on the project wrote a Firefox plugin that allows "leaving things on pages". The items left on pages are stored in a database and queries are done via RESTful calls. The idea of looking for someway to intercept the requests is to make the game "browser agnostic" so I'm researching what ways are possible. To be clear, this project is for a University course. I am actually interested by the reaction to my post. I was not aware that some technologies that can do the necessary functions could be considered dangerous. The actual tech that my professor suggested was not some cross site scripting malware, but a proxy. Interesting indeed.
  2. So there's a game I wish to build that requires me to intercept the HTTP request from a browser. Here's how I understand an HTTP request works: -User types in a URL or clicks on hyperlink. -Browser sends request over wire. -Server returns the request with a HTTP and javascript (AJAX?) -Browser renders file. What I want to do is the following: -Whenever a HTTP request is made, I intercept the request to get the URL. -Check the URL to see if the site is somewhere on a database that carries a list of all URLs and "game objects" stored on the URL. (Part of the game allows users to leave "objects" like bombs and doors on a page) -Get the actual HTTP/javascript from the page but do not send to browser -Modify the HTTP/javascript to display game objects on page and floaties that allow the user to do certain actions like leave objects or interact with objects -Send modified HTTP/javascript to browser for rendering What technologies are available for this kind of functionality? Preferably in Java.