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  1. Hey, thanks for the article!   Is there any evidence that these points really help improve the marketing performance? Of course all of this points make sense, but in my experience that does not always mean that they also really have an impact.   Can you give any information why you know that these points are important?
  2. RudolfVonKrugstein

    Estimating the Revenue generated by RevMob for a mobile game

    Hey,   I seem to be make myself not very clear. I am not saying that I show only one add per download. I said: How do I get 5? Just guessing. Some will download and play only once (so I get like 2 Impressions) and some will play very often.   Can you be a little bit more specific? Which of my numbers seem high? An eCPM of 10$? Or the 5 Impressions per download?
  3. RudolfVonKrugstein

    Estimating the Revenue generated by RevMob for a mobile game

    Hey,   Thanks for the replies. But I still do not get the numbers right. What exactly is "clickthroughrate"? That is the number of impressions being clicked, right? So the number of times my app is downloaded, and the number of downloads I generate for advertised games and not directly related through this ... But I fear, this might not be the right way to get an estimation (correct me if I am wrong).   How about this: What eCPM can I expect from RevMob? In then net, I read numbers which seem to suggest, that I can expect 10$. So if the game is downloaded N times, and I expect on average 5 Impressions per download, than my number would be:   N * 10$ * 5/1000   Is that realistic?
  4. Hey,   I want to roughly estimate the revenue I can generate through RevMob for a mobile game. I know that such a estimating can only be very approximating since to real Revenue depends on many factors which are just not predictable. But I need to estimation for an official application (or request? I do not know which is the correct english word) which will justify that I start the project. So it would be very useful if the numbers I use  for the estimation can be justify by official sources.   This is what I came up with so far: Let N be the number of downloads the app will generate. This number I will try to estimate by looking at the downloads of similar apps. Let's assume that 10% of the downloads will generate a click and download for an app advertised by RevMob (this number comes just from my stomach, and I have no source for it). A download will generate 1$ in revenue on average.   So my revenue will be: N * (0.1) * 1$   What do you think?   Thanks!
  5. RudolfVonKrugstein

    xmpp for turn based game

    Hey,   I am currently thinking about a network/server solution for a turn based game. I think turn based games have a lot in common with chat applications. So one could use a chat server, and introduce (next to the normal chat messages for ingame chat) specially formatted messages, that represents moves. Nice, that way I could use an existing xmpp server solution, which has a lot of benefits.   But I want some features which do not exist in a chat server:   * Using existing accounts (facebook, google+) for login, as well as creating new accounts. * Testing player moves for validity. * Storing a game in a cloud, so that the players can return to it later. * Sending a push notification to a player on a mobile device when that player is currently not in the game but the opponent made a turn.   I could probably archive this, buy having a chat-bot for every game currently player over which the communication for that game works. So if a player made a move, it sends a message to the bot. The bot validates it, updates the game state in the cloud and forwards the move to all other players.   So I am asking for your experience: Do you think that is a good Idea? Maybe there are chat servers out there which can be extended to make what I want in some other (better) way? Or would you approach this completely different?   Thanks!
  6. Hey,   I am in the situation that I have to setup a contract giving me the rights to implement a certain board game. I have little experience with setting up contracts and I am wondering if someone can give me some insights.   * What are points in the contract that I should not forget (and that an inexperienced person might not think of)? * Anyone knows where to find or has a contract that I could use for orientation?   Thanks! Nathan
  7. RudolfVonKrugstein

    Amazon SNS for turn based multiplayer mobile game

    Mmh, ok. But than I have to get a node.js host and have to worry about server availability.   amazon SNS costst 50cent/Million messages.   I am wondering what other developers experience on this is ...
  8. Hello Community,   I want to implement a turn based multiplayer game for mobile devices and I am looking for an network solution.   Now, there is google play game services, which seems really nice. Unfortantly it forces players to have a google account for playing. I do not like that.   Instead I would prefer a solution, where the player has the choice of logging in with a google or facebook account, create a game specific account or play as guest. As far as I can tell, that is not possible with google play services.   So I am looking at other cloud services. And I was wondering if amazon SNS would be suited.   As anyone experience with Amazon SNS for games? I would have to do the "login via facebook/google" myself, but I hope I can do that ...   My Idea would be: * Create a amazon SNS topic for every new game. * Every player of the game subscribes to the topic. * Game  turns are send via the topic.   Does that work in practice?   Thanks for sharing thoughts and experience!
  9.   Mmh, ok. But that does not change anything. There is a limit of 10^6 api requests also. So I still would only have 5000 games/month. And I find it difficult to estimate if that is enough ...
  10. Hey,   I am looking at parse.com. How does it work for turn based games? I see one gets 10^6 pushes in the free plan. Is every turn and chat message a push notification? Guessing that an average game will have 200 turns, that means 10^6/200=5000 games per month. I find it really difficult to estimate, if that is enough.     Probably ... the sing is what I want to implement is a board game. So I will mainly be addressing people already playing the game. And they might not be that much of "social media junkies" ... but I do not know.
  11. Hey,   I am going to implement a turn based multiplayer game that is supposed to run on iOS and android. For a network solution. I want:   * Turn based multiplayer, but with short turns and fast notification, that the other has done its turn. * Player ranking based on how they played so far. * Cloud storage of unfinished games. * In game chat.   I am looking at Google Play Game Services. It is really nice, and it seems perfect ...   But! It requires the user to have a google+ account. For an android user this may not be a problem. But how about iOS users?   Has anyone experience with GPGS on iOS? Is the requirement of having a google+ account repulsing to iOS users?   Thanks! Nathan
  12. RudolfVonKrugstein

    Qt for cross platform games - big dependency of Qt library

    Ah sorry, I meant windows phone.
  13. RudolfVonKrugstein

    Qt for cross platform games - big dependency of Qt library

      I just google for an android port of wxWidgets. There seems to be nothing functional yet. Same thing with iOS. Or am I missing something?
  14. RudolfVonKrugstein

    Qt for cross platform games - big dependency of Qt library

    That is a good question. Of course I do not use all of them. But can I somehow only bundle the ones I use? I did not not investigate that yet ...
  15. Hey,   I am thinking of using Qt for a cross platform game which I want to run on iOS, android, windows 7 and probably desktop platforms. Why Qt? Firstly I like Qt. Also the game will have a lot of gui elements, and Qt seems to be perfect for it.   Ok, Qt for android and iOS is still in the testing phase, but let's assume I am not scared by this.   But what scares me is the dependency Qt brings. I did a test application for android and the size of the apk was 19mb. That is huge! It is that huge because the Qt library is bundled with it.   What I am wondering now is, if this will be a problem. What do you think? Will potential customers on mobile platforms (android, iOS, Windows 7) be spooked by the extra 19mb the app will have? That is something I just can't estimate and what would be a big argument against Qt.   Thanks! Nathan
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