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    My new hobby......Poker!

    Quote:Original post by alien3456 If there's some easy way of playing online... count me in on a GDnet competition. I play online at Paradise Poker. They have private tournaments that you can set up with passwords if you give them enough head-up notice. Only downside is that the minimum entry is 10 bucks. Personally, I'd rather play a friendly tourney game for 5 bucks or less. cyn
  2. Best I can come up with is writing a user-defined function that takes the department and returns the record of choice. All the custom function would need to do is execute "SELECT TOP 1 FROM employees WHERE Dept = @deptVar ORDER BY Age, Name". Shouldn't leave too many holes and could be used as a template for similar sorts. Then your main query would be "SELECT DISTINCT Dept, dept_Function(Dept) FROM employees;" I'm not currently at work and do not have Enterprise manager up to test this, but like I said, it's the best I could come up with. Hope it helps. cyn
  3. cyn

    question about internet in visual basic

    In VB you will need to use the WinSock control, which is a form of a socket. To do an internet browser, you would have to learn the format that a webserver expects to get requests from you, and how you respond to those requests (HTTP protocol). After you get the data, you would have to parse the HTML and format the viewer all by yourself (there is no VB control to do this). It is no trivial task. Also, FYI, since Firefox is cross-platform compatible (aka Linux), it was not written in VB (Microsoft specific) Hope some of this helps. cyn
  4. cyn

    Instant Movie Summaries

    Quote:PI Sean Gullette: I theorize that there is a magic number that will unlock predicting the future of the stock market. (plays a game of Go with his mentor) Mark Margolis: Don't try to find that number...bad things will happen. Sean Gullette: Thanks for the advice. (does a bunch of research, gets a fancy computer from some nameless mafia frontmen) Sean Gullette: Wow...I'm getting a really bad headache. (stares at a mirror trying to figure out where the headache is) Sean Gullette: OK, this headache really sucks and there is a power drill conveniently located in my hand. (drills into his head) Sean Gullette: Wow, the pain is gone. (Sits on a park bench watching a little girl feed the birds) THE END
  5. cyn

    The death of IDE

    Quote:Original post by CyberSlag5k Also, what're some good solutions for making power supply leads more managable? Twist ties? PSUs with wire casings (and if so who makes a good one)? Thanks in advance! I saw a 500w power supply at the Tiger Direct store last month that had removable cables. Now whatever cables you don't use won't get in your way. Sorry I don't have a link, but at least they do exist. I'm definitely getting one when I build my next PC. cyn
  6. cyn

    Magic and technology

    As I recall, the Shadowrun RPG world was set in 2050 and used both magic and technology. Cool stuff, but I don't remember many details since it has been about 8 years since I last played.
  7. cyn


    Technically, assembly is not portable across processor architectures. So Intel and AMD assembly are approximately the same. The 'big' game companies generally develop for the PC, so they can get away with this. Even the Linux ports are generally run on PCs. When it comes to porting to a Mac, you end up having to use preprocessor directives (#if, #define, etc.) This requires that you write assembly for both platforms and compile a different executable for both platforms. cyn
  8. cyn

    Excel property

    I haven't worked with ASP, but anytime I need to do something in Excel, I record a macro, then tweak the code. Most of Microsoft's automation seems to work in other automation-enabled applications/languages from what I have seen. The other thing you could try would be opening an existing Excel book and trying to call a macro from within that knows how to add and rename the sheet. cyn
  9. cyn

    Check this physics out! (Meqon - DNF style)

    Wow thats fun! I liked grabbing an object with the left mouse button and swinging it around, then smashing it into the wall of bricks. Good stuff.
  10. cyn


    The ace part shouldn't be too bad. Start by counting the A as 11. If the player/dealer busts, subtract 10 and just count the A as a 1. Dealer card max is a personal choice. Some casinos will give the player a bonus if they hit a 5 card hand. Never heard of anything like that for the dealer. cyn
  11. I have the first 2 seasons on DVD. Season 3 just finished, so it will be a while before it gets out on DVD. All of them keep up the adrenaline, keep you guessing, and never hesitate to kill main characters just to keep you on your toes. As for how season 3 stacks up to the previous one...bigger, better, more. Season 1 was limited in the damage that could be caused, as the only target was Palmer. Season 2 had higher stakes as the terrorists planned to detonate a nuclear bomb. Season 3 involved the release of a weaponized virus that could effectively involve the entire world. Wonder what season 4 has in store? cyn
  12. cyn

    Your experiences with gambling.

    Doubling your bet each time you lose is called a Martingale system. The only problem is that you are guaranteed to win only 1 unit each time, so it takes a while. For example: you bet 1, lose, double to 2, lose, bet 4 and win. You receive an additional 4, which covers the 1 and 2 bets you made previously. As xMcBaiNx mentioned, the casinos have a limit on the size of the bet you can make, so you are limited in the number of consecutive losses you can afford before you lose more than you can win back. Blackjack usually runs 20-50 times the minimum bet, so you can only lose 4-5 hands in a row, doubling your bet each time, before you really start to lose a lot. cyn
  13. cyn

    Your experiences with gambling.

    Quote:Original post by Cold_Steel I would never gamble in a casino unless is was just for fun because I know, you are designed to lose. True, but knowing how to properly play a particular game of chance improves your chances of winning. This is why I like to stick to poker, as the only house edge is the rake. The rest of it depends on how well you play your cards and read your opponents. Quote:Original post by Tyro what do you mean by count cards? like count how many cards the dealer has in his set of decks? More or less. The basic premise of card counting is to track whether there are more 10's, face cards, and aces in the deck than normal. At this point, you increase your bet, as more face cards increase your chance of getting a strong hand, and that the dealer will be more likely to bust. I don't know if they are still running it, but the "Breaking Vegas" special they had on the Discovery Channel a few months back covered most of what the average person needs to know about card counting. In and of itself, counting cards is not illegal. But casinos being a private business, have the right to establish rules about what they tolerate. So if they catch you counting, they will likely escort you off the premises, ask you not to come back...ever, and send your name and photo to other casinos to blacklist you from playing. Not worth the risk. cyn
  14. cyn

    Your experiences with gambling.

    Quote:Original post by caffeineaddict Very cool site, thanks for that link, seems like it would come in very useful. User rating bump? :) On the topic of poker, there are tons of poker sites online, and most of them will let you play for free. I play at Paradise Poker most of the time. Out of the 3 or 4 online poker sites I have tried, their tournaments run the smoothest. Also, Poker Pages has a whole bunch of links to other poker sites, along with tons of article about the current news in the poker world. They had the best coverage of the 2004 WSOP, which by the way had a $5million first prize. Not too shabby, huh? cyn
  15. cyn

    Your experiences with gambling.

    I love going to the casinos. Usually win between 100-300 bucks each time I go. I don't seem to have much luck at the Indian reservation casinos, though. Personally, I recommend going to The Wizard Of Odds before taking any serious amount of money to a casino. While some of the strategy guides may seem a bit boring, I find actually leaving the casino with money than playing by instinct, which tends to give players extreme highs (winning) usually followed by an equally large low (losing it all). cyn
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