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  1. I am a beginner in SDL graphics. I am trying to copy a certain portion of the screen to SDL_Surface. And I tried using this code but it didn't work out [b]SDL_Surface* original=NULL; [/b] [b]SDL_Rect rct; [/b] [b]rct.x=90; [/b] [b]rct.y=70; [/b] [b]rct.w=100; [/b] [b]rct.h=100; [/b] [b]SDL_BlitSurface(screen,&rct,original,NULL); [/b] [b]//It should blit the area of the screen bounded by rct at 0,0 of the original [/b] [b]apply_surface(500,100,original,screen); [/b] [b]//now it should blit the original at 500,100 of the screen [/b] [b]SDL_Flip(screen); [/b] but nothing was blitted on the screen. but the same code worked out well when it was written this way [b]SDL_Surface* original=NULL; [/b] [b]SDL_Rect rct; [/b] [b]rct.x=90; [/b] [b]rct.y=70; [/b] [b]rct.w=100; [/b] [b]rct.h=100; [/b] [b]original=IMG_Load("pics/picture1.png"); //I loaded a picture in the original [/b] [b]SDL_BlitSurface(screen,&rct,original,NULL); [/b] [b]apply_surface(500,100,original,screen); [/b] [b]SDL_Flip(screen); [/b] And it worked out very well. It blitted a small part of my window i.e. screen to 500,100 of the screen So I think there must be something wrong with my understanding about surface blitting function. I am using SDL 1.2.14 and Code::Blocks for IDE. And if there is a better way to do what I am trying to do, then please suggest Thank you in advance.