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    Untangling Licensing and Copyright in Game Art

    Again, I am not a lawyer, so don't take this as legal advice.    A license can be withdrawn for the same reason that permission can be withdrawn for someone to borrow your car.  The property right rests with the copyright owner.  A license is permission to use the property.   Now, a license can't be breached by the licensor.  Once permission is granted under certain conditions (and free software licenses are rather broad), those conditions must be honored by the licensor since they will likely take the form of a written contract.   But absent such conditions, a copyright owner may always reserve its exclusive rights, including the option to grant or rescind license to another party.
  2. heavycat

    Can you program websites, too?

    "How about PHP?" "It's awful. Community sucks. Toss it." "Flash?" "Crap. Bloated. Everybody hates it." "Why?" "Because it works." "What about basic HTML?" "HTML5 is better." "So the right answer is to throw out 100,000 man-years worth of working technology in favor of this new thing? What happens when HTML5 is widely used?" "We'll toss it and start over. Just like we've been doing since 1961. What, you think everything being broken all the time is by accident?" If we built buildings the same way we build software the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization. -- Gerald Weinberg
  3. heavycat

    Any 2D jrpg character editors?

    If one doesn't exist we should build it.
  4. heavycat

    Welcome to DreamScape

    I agree. It's ambitious. Great world to add a well-written, emotionally understandable character to.
  5. heavycat

    Folaria - MMORPG (1)

    Just a suggestion from a writing standpoint: it's generally a good idea to make sure all of your main characters have different sounding names and that all those names start with a different letter. Having all four of the brothers have names with "io" as the suffix could be confusing for players who are unfamiliar with the world and the characters.
  6. Perhaps players could have a way to exert control over/steal any of the balls on the table at any given time? That will enforce a kind of equilibrium during gameplay and it will dilute the advantage of putting too many balls in play at once.
  7. Key to a first game project is to make it simple, simple, simple. Simple and finished always beats ambitious and abandoned for lack of time/money/interest. If you really want expert advice I recommend a book called "The Art of Computer Game Design" by Chris Crawford. The man is a genius on a number of levels and he explains the process of game design far better than I could ever hope to.
  8. heavycat

    asm vertex shader question

    Writing it in assembler would be good experience though, and once you understand how to write a shader, it will be much easier to understand how they work.
  9. heavycat

    Class Structure for a Text Adventure Game

    Wouldn't each location either contain an inventory object or implement an inventory object's interface? Maybe door() would be a method of the connection class? Probably not as big an issue now as it used to be but games can chug a bit if you get a particularly wild spin-up of objects going all at once. Make sure that room with 17 connections each implementing interfaces to 214 other objects gets de-allocated.
  10. heavycat

    3D algorithm

    Is Direct3D a separate set of API calls still or is it just all part of the same interface to DirectX? I would think getting a polygon on the screen in DirectX would be fairly simple. I do recognize "SetGraphicsMode" as possibly a WinG call from back when keyboards were made with dinosaur bones.
  11. heavycat

    To those that are also web developers

    There is no programming problem that can't be solved with assembler.
  12. You know with just a little paint and extra time those could be pretty amazing action figures.
  13. heavycat

    Steps to manage a large project

    Keep it simple. Every feature adds exponentially to the implementation effort required, then also adds to the support costs. If in doubt, drop it. Always ALWAYS better to have simple working than complex on a whiteboard.
  14. Aren't there any standardized programming libraries for sound effects and sound processing yet? Do the major operating system game libraries offer APIs for processing sound or is it all just playback and effects?
  15. heavycat

    Space game ideas

    Having better ships make new planets available sounds like a key and lock system, where perhaps certain planets have atmospheres that are destructive to ship alloys, or some ships need certain kinds of magnetic shields to be compatible with the magnetic fields of the planets.
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