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  1. Hi all, I am new to writing GLSL shaders but I know the basic concepts... In the current game I'm developing, I'd like to have some balls of energy moving around on the screen. My scene is 2D and I use OpenGL for rendering. How would approach rendering the energy ball? Making it as an animated texture? or would you use shaders for it. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I'm working on a new game where the player interacts with balls of energy, and throws them onto each other. How would you recommend me to create a ball with animated lightning surrounding it? Making it frame-by-frame? Something similar to as seen at 00:05 in this movie - [media][/media] My engine is 2D and I use OpenGL for the rendering part, currently it's just plain 2D. Thanks, Guy
  3. Unstoppable Jake (iPhone)

    Hey guys, Some updates: + Game is now free with 8 playable levels + Able to purchase complete level pack from within the app + Improved controls Please help us out - download the game, become a fan on Facebook and write a review! Thanks, Guy
  4. Unstoppable Jake (iPhone)

    Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.
  5. Need help in choosing a name for my upcoming game!

    [quote name='Paul Franzen' timestamp='1331049809' post='4919799'] Great name choice, and congrats on getting it out there! [/quote] Thanks for helping out!
  6. Unstoppable Jake (iPhone)

    Hi there, Please check out our game "Unstoppable Jake": [b]Video Links:[/b] [media][/media] [media][/media] [media][/media] [b]Useful Links:[/b] Facebook Page - [url=""]http://www.facebook....320182564684273[/url] iTunes Link - [url=""][/url] Unstoppable Jake is a puzzle-platformer game in which the player needs to collect code pieces that are scattered throughout each level, and use them in order to unlock the exit door. The platformer features fun and challenging puzzles that the player needs to think through: turning levers, pushing boxes and interacting with different objects using intuitive controls. Well trained robots, with different behavior and abilities, are guarding Hax0r’s Headquarters, the villain’s home base that Jake is fighting through. The game features 20 levels which were carefully planned and engineered. In the last level, Jake finally meet Hax0r and the player can enjoy a complex boss battle. The game is just playable as it is. The levels layout allows the player to adapt and gain skill; the levels are the instruction manual. For its controls, the game uses a convenient drawn D-Pad, allowing the player to have a full arcade experience. Unstoppable Jake is now available at the Apple App Store. [b]Unstoppable Jake Features:[/b] + 20 Super-fun and challenging levels! + 8 Different types of robots with different AI + A Variety of Challenging Puzzles. + Very Big Levels + Smooth Animations + Great D-Pad controls + 60FPS on iPhone 4S, and iPad 2 + 30FPS on 3rd Gen devices, iPhone 4, and iPad 1 + In-Game Story Scripts + Complex Boss Battle + Per-Level Achievements: Finding All Secrets, Collecting All Coins, Killing All Robots + GameCenter Leaderboard Hope you like it, what do you think? Thanks, Guy
  7. Need help in choosing a name for my upcoming game!

    I'm now really focused on Marketing aspects. Will try to do my best to make it happen, it's a good idea.
  8. Need help in choosing a name for my upcoming game!

    [quote name='Stormynature' timestamp='1331034603' post='4919738'] Congratulations mate. All the best in success but most importantly well done on the completion. [/quote] Thanks mate, It's true, releasing a product is way harder than what I imagined
  9. Need help in choosing a name for my upcoming game!

    Hey guys, Thanks for your suggestions. Eventually, we chose to name our game "Unstoppable Jake". The game were made available today at the app store. Here is how it looks like: [url=""][/url] Please help us spread the word ;) Thanks for your help, we appreciate it!
  10. Need help in choosing a name for my upcoming game!

    [quote name='T e c h l o r d' timestamp='1329319055' post='4913360'] [size=5][b]Jake Brake[/b][/size][list=1] [*]A two one(1) syllable word title is easy to remember! [*]Brake, hints to the amount of precision braking required to avoid falling in Spiked over! [*]Brake, also rhymes with the word break, people play games on break (sometimes before). Its time for a Jake Brake! [*][url=""]Jake Brake[/url] is a [url=""]braking[/url] mechanism installed on some [url=""]turbo diesel engines[/url]. Compliments Jake's (soon to be added) Super Turbo POWer Up! [/list] Good Luck! [/quote] Thanks, this one is great! I've added a poll and it's working kind of well on Facebook. [url=""][/url]
  11. Need help in choosing a name for my upcoming game!

    [quote name='Paul Franzen' timestamp='1329248639' post='4913092'] I feel like there's a LOT of potential for puns here that we're just not exploring! Jakin' the Hard Way! Jake it Up Jake It, Baby Jakin' Names Jake No Prisoners Jake No Fake HeartJake This Jake is No Lie etc. Too bad it's not a dating sim, because Easy Jake Lovin' is RIGHT THERE. [/quote] LOL. We also thought about - Jake Ace - Jake Mate We really like "Jake No Prisoners", it's definitely one of our finalists!
  12. Need help in choosing a name for my upcoming game!

    Good suggestions, keep them coming ;)
  13. Need help in choosing a name for my upcoming game!

    Great suggestions, thanks.
  14. Chiptune Tools

    Any flexible analog VST would do a great job.
  15. Finalizing Audio For Game

    [quote name='Relfos' timestamp='1328870996' post='4911617'] [quote name='GetLastError' timestamp='1328862687' post='4911596'] The missing tool that I'd like to have is a VST or some plugin that simulates the output of a device such as the iPhone. Or even better, a setup that will stream the audio output from the audio software directly to the device itself in real time - this way it'll be much easier to tweak the sounds and volume/compresing etc. [/quote] I also wanted a nicer way to preview audio in the devices, and you just gave me a nice idea for a VST, I'll give it a try this weekend. [/quote] Please let me know when it's out