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    Audio loop creation question

    Thanks jms.  Yeah, to get a perfect loop I will need the file to not have a zero crossing, or in other words if it it played raw it will have a click at the beginning because the file is telling the speaker cones to jump to a non-zero position.  However, if faded in and looped with itself, it will sound normal.  I just didn't know what the expectation was.  But it seems from your response that most users will know to fade in, or this will be done automatically.
  2. Panphobia

    Audio loop creation question

    Thanks for the tips guys, this is really helpful.   The loop is being uploaded as .wav, and will be uploaded to various websites in the future to be licensed by whoever wants the track.  This kinda makes it difficult to know what people will want.   Getting the loop to sound good is not really the problem, but as Samith said having a non-zero crossing at the beginning shouldn't be a problem as any editor would know to fade in.   The method I use to loop for this particular piece is to just copy the entire midi sequence (all tracks) 3 times, put markers at the loop points, then trim to the markers after I have rendered the audio file.  The reverb tails etc. all blend quite nicely with this method, but since the track has a constant drone sound, making a loop with a short fade in is not so easy to do and have the loop point sound seamless.   But from what you folks are saying, most people will know how to implement the track and it is not necessary to have a zero crossing.  I just don't want to upload a track that isn't up to snuff.   Thanks so much again for helping a noob out!
  3. Panphobia

    Audio loop creation question

    Ok, thanks Samith!
  4. Hello, I am pretty new to game audio, and I am trying to make an ambient loop.    I am wondering, to make a seemless loop from a stereo file, is it standard to: have 3 files (intro, middle , and end loops?) or to have just one file which begins without a zero crossing with the understanding that whoever implements the file will start and stop the thing with fades?   I am using midi, and a method where you basically repeat the sequence 3 times and use just the middle for a seamless loop.  However since the piece has a drone-like sound, making a short fade at the beginning and end of the loop causes a drastic volume change and a pop/click (even with a really short fade, like 20 samples).  It is a stereo file so there is no chance to get a zero crossing in both channels.  It has a continuous volume sound, so a long fade makes the loop point very obvious.   I can get it to sound great if I don't worry about making a zero crossing.  But is this a problem for people who will end up using the file?   BTW, I am planning to sell the track on licencing sites such as audiomicro or wherever.  Not sure if that matters, but if I was working with a developer directly then I would just ask them what they wanted.   Thanks for any help!
  5. Panphobia

    Finalizing Audio For Game

    Thanks guys, that makes a lot of sense.
  6. Panphobia

    Finalizing Audio For Game

    Hi I was wondering if you folks hire out to master your audio, or if you do it yourself? For hiring out, what prices should I expect to pay? How do I go about finding a good mastering house? Everything I find is geared towards mastering for cd's. To my ear there seems to be a difference between games and cd's. Mostly in the area of dynamic range, but also overall loudness and frequency distribution. I can sort of fake it, but that finishing touch is so very important. I have heard mediocre compositions that sound great because of the final polish, and great music that sounds mediocre because of a lack thereof. Stuff you may not be interested in: I am putting together some demos, learning the tools, etc for game audio production. WHile I have found many great topics, there seems to be not a whole lot out there in the realm of mixing and mastering specifically for games (well there is 'mixing' using things like wwise but that is not really what I am looking for at this point). So far the best I have found is that mastering for games is similar to mastering for movies as opposed to mastering for commercial cds.
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